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Where Are All The Video Blogging Apps? (iPhone)

Where Are All The Video Blogging Apps? (iPhone)


After purchasing an iPhone 3GS about a week ago, I was excited to see what new video blogging apps have emerged since the iPhone 3GS’s launch this summer.

While it seems like every twitter app from Twittelator Pro to Tweetie 2 is including video and/or audio (via third party hacks), a quick scan through the app store revealed a scarcity of video blogging apps–all of them by third party companies.

Thus far CellSpin and BlogPress are the only major video blogging apps out there, with the latter allowing you to post multiple video’s per post.

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So my question is where are all of the video blogging apps? Can anyone explain?

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  • iPhone apps are difficult to monetize, so perhaps there is a lack of motivation in the developer community. It also may be cumbersome for an independent programmer to create an iPhone app without owning an iPhone, so the expensive price tag doesn’t help.

  • Hey Shaun,

    I know those in the Twitter arena are making some serious cash, although blogging may be a bit more difficult.

    Many of the free apps are now charging premium prices (yet not reflecting the quality of OS 3.0). WordPress, BlogPress, & CellSpin seem to be the only blogging apps with active development out there, with the latter two including video.

  • I guess it’s just not popular enough. Video blogging in itself is something reserved to pros or serious amateurs. Those iPhone app devs realize that if it’s not popular, what’s the point?

  • I’d have to agree with the fact that vlogs or video blogging just isn’t popular enough right now. Although, more and more bloggers are tapping into this style of information sharing. The app developers will be singing a new song real soon.

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