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Why Did Obama Abandon Twitter?

Why Did Obama Abandon Twitter?

The word “did” should be in italics in the title above. The question was originally asked by blog Gadgetwise, and it is indeed a valid one. Twitter was one of several ways that Barack Obama managed to show the Americans that he was a modern guy ready to tackle the modern problems, and to get his message across. But after being sworn into office, the Twitter account got quiet.


Maybe it’s a case of having to use more traditional channels, and the White House press office just don’t want Twitter in the fray. Or maybe it’s a matter of silly rules – the president can’t just use a service like that for competitive reasons, or whatever. To me, it sounds like he got what he wanted from Twitter, and now it’s time to get to work. If that is the case it is a faulty reasoning since his voters (i.e. followers) is his work.

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Why do you think Obama stopped twittering?

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  • I think the reason is just as you said, use something to make yourself look modern, then stop it once you have achieved what you wanted.

    However I think it also has something to do with the fact that all communications by the President could possibly be court marshalled should someone find a problem with the Obama administration, probably something like Obama and his Blackberry.

  • Don’t forget the potential for security leaks.

    The president gets access to lots of classified information many people wouldn’t want him mentioning without thinking about it.

    As a candidate, twitter was an asset to him. As President, it could end up as a massive liability, a liability that if he made the wrong mistake at the wrong time, could end up with him being impeached or losing enough political capital to become a lame duck.

    While I’m sure there are many more “ruthless” reasons for Obama to stop using twitter, but the chances are pretty good he ended up having to choose between hiring an intern to approve his tweets or just not doing it.

  • Maybe he stopped using twitter because he’s got to save the economy, fight two wars, stop the housing crisis, work on bailing out banks and thousands of businesses, oh and be a father and husband…and that point…twitter is probably pushed off to the side just like it is when I get busy at work. Oh and he probably isn’t allowed to send tweets from his phone because someone could track it from there.

  • He stopped twittering because his immediate mission has been accomplished. (becoming the prez)

    He may use it in the future . Never say never.

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