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Will CushyCMS Take From Blog Platforms?

Will CushyCMS Take From Blog Platforms?

It could, you know.

CushyCMS is a hosted CMS solution that basically lets you edit parts of your sites by logging in to CushyCSM and alter the content. It’s a wysiwyg editor for anywhere on the web that you control, all you need to do is add a CSS class to the part of the site you want to edit, and give CushyCMS FTP access to your server. Then login and edit away.

That’s no blog.

It is, however, an easy way to manage a static site. And for all of those who uses blogging platforms such as WordPress and Movable Type to power more or less static sites, it might sound a bit more convenient, yeah?

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Check out the promo video, and then listen Guy King, CEO of developer company Stateless Systems, demo it for Duncan Riley over at TechCrunch, all in fluent Australian.

CushyCMS is in beta until April 15. I’m seriously considering trying it out for a friend of mine.

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