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Will Google Make reCAPTCHA Even Better?

Will Google Make reCAPTCHA Even Better?

Google have acquiredrecaptcha_logo.gif reCAPTCHA, the CAPTCHA spam stopping service that gives you a visual presentation of words scanned out of public domained books. You know the kind, that nasty image where you have to struggle to read the letters you have to input in a field to validate that you aren’t a spam bot. I like reCAPTCHA and use them when CAPTCHA functionality is needed, a necessary evil sometimes, but no universal solution nonetheless.

Maybe Google can make it work even better? After all, they have a huge amount of content to pull from thanks to Google Books, maybe that can help? Personally I doubt it, Google hints to why they are in fact buying reCAPTCHA in the announcement post (bold added by yours truly):

So we’ll be applying the technology within Google not only to increase fraud and spam protection for Google products but also to improve our books and newspaper scanning process.

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That being said, I remain slightly optimistic that Google can make reCAPTCHA a better solution when a CAPTCHA is needed.

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  • don’t be naive. google bought recaptcha for 2 reasons-

    1) now they know every single time a twitter account is signed up for

    2) they also now have a wonderful sample of real time comments

    and also, don’t discount the corrupt professor who used public money to line his pockets…

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