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Windows Live Gets More Partners, Including YouTube

Windows Live Gets More Partners, Including YouTube

Microsoft has sealed new partnerships with 19 web properties which has been integrated to Windows Live.  This is an opt-in feature, so you can just select which web activity partners you would like to add on your Windows Live profile.

Interestingly, one of these parters happens to be – YouTube. What gives?Anyway, let’s just leave that matter to Microsoft and go on with what this partnership will bring to your Windows Live experience.

For those partners with real-time aggregation of user updates, this parntership simply means that all your activities in those partner sites will broadcasted to your Windows Live network, making it visible to your contacts’ Messenger, Hotmail and Windows Live Home feeds.

Actually, that’s just about what this integration can do. So, what’s in it for us users then?  Windows Live’s partnership with these web companies would simply make it easier for you to inform your friends about sites that you are visiting and have discovered and other interesting stuff  which are worth sharing to your Windows Live contact.

For Windows Live partners this is a great viral marketing mechanisms and great source of user generated content. As for Windows Live, this partnership gives them better companion.

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Other popular web activity partners of Windows Live include Multiply, PIXNET, CNET, Baby Kingdom and more.

Now it’s time for a quick question – when was the last time you’ve log on to your Windows Live account anyway?

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