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WordPress 3.1 Release Delayed

WordPress 3.1 Release Delayed

Those of you waiting for the release of WordPress 3.1 (which includes useful tools like the internal linking feature) will be sad to hear that it’s release has been pushed back until next year.

As everyone knows, we’re behind on the 3.1 release schedule, and as we have not hit RC yet, it’s unlikely we’ll release before the end of the year. Sad Christmas. There are 11 tickets in the milestone right now. I know it’s the holidays, so people are busy, but it also means people are taking time off work and hanging around killing time in a lot of cases, so if everyone could pitch in and test the crap out of things, that would be great. (WordPress Development Updates)

For those of you who have time to spare, you can help the WordPress community beta test version 3.1 by installing the WordPress Beta Tester plugin (note: only use upon a demo blog) and report any issues upon the WordPress Trac.

There is no word on an estimate of when a stable version of WordPress 3.1 will be available to the masses, although after the Christmas and New Year’s Eve parties are settled down, we will hopefully see a version appear in January of 2011.

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