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WordPress Getting BlackBerry v1.6 Upgrade In ‘Near Future’

WordPress Getting BlackBerry v1.6 Upgrade In ‘Near Future’

Wordpress for BlackberryBlackberry mobile apps don’t always get much update love, that’s why news of a BlackBerry v1.6 upgrade for WordPress should come as a welcomed surprise for Blackberry toting WordPress users.

While the new application update is being called a “Refresh” release  it does bring some much needed improvements to Blackberry OS 6 & 7 operating systems.

Among improvements are better capabilities for the following options:

  • Option/setting for # of comments to download
  • Infinite scrolling on posts/pages/comments
  • Add Images Alignment options
  • Integrate the Reader
  • Add the ability to make a post sticky

I particularly find the infinite scrolling and sticky post options to be the biggest improvements for the new Blackberry v1.6 version of WordPress.

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Using wants to put their two cents into the mix before v1.6 is released can visit the announcement post.

Will you be upgrading to Blackberry WordPress v1.6 when it’s finally released or have you ditched WordPress for Blackberry because of lacking updates?

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