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WordPress iPhone App Dethroned By WordPress For Android?

WordPress iPhone App Dethroned By WordPress For Android?

Automattic (the company behind WordPress for you non-geeks) has just blessed Android fans with two new features that may make iFans everywhere envious of their Android friends.

WordPress for Android version 1.2 has been released to Android Market. […] If you have a blog, video upload works great with VideoPress.  If you have a self-hosted WordPress blog, you may need to install the PJW Mime Config plugin to allow the 3gp video files to be uploaded to your blog.

Post geotagging support (enable geotagging first in the blog settings window). If you are running a self-hosted blog, install the geolocation plugin to show your location. (WordPress For Android)

Previously WordPress rolled out geo-location support for iPhone users, a feature that Android fans will probably love (especially travel blogs and geeks-on-the-go).

Although the company has yet to include WordPress stats within the app, the VideoPress option will probably make a few iPhone users extremely jealous of their Droid friends (this author included).

As of this post, the WordPress Android app is the only WP sibling to support rich text editing (i.e. links, bold and italics) as well as block quoting, features iPhone users have been begging WordPress to add ever since the debuted them for LJ fans in 2008.

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While adding VideoPress option isn’t a shocking move (as Blackberry fans have been video posting for quite some time), what’s surprising is WordPress’s decision to allow self hosted blogs to upload videos upon their own respective servers instead of tying them to Automattic’s own premium video service.

Currently WP iFans can upload videos to their blogs via BlogPress (whose app is also iPad friendly), although WordPress is promising to bring video support for iPhone lovers in the future (hopefully sooner rather than later).

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