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WordPress Launches Theme Team, Challenges Blogger For Theme Supremacy

WordPress Launches Theme Team, Challenges Blogger For Theme Supremacy

Even though WordPress already has a large selection of themes, it looks like the WP masters were not thrilled with what they currently had in their inventory.

In order to help widen the selection of themes available, Automattic is launching “The Theme Team” which they hope will attract more quality theme developers as well as more themes for and

I’m super-excited to announce to you today that now has an official Theme Team. In a nutshell, we’re a bunch of people who really care about WordPress Themes and want to see them get better and better—on and for every user. And yes, that means we’re getting more themes, more often. […]

We will teach WordPress developers to become the best theme developers in the world. If you’re a WordPress theme developer—commercial or 100% free—we want to help you be the best. [via]

There is no word on whether commercial WordPress developers will be able to offer themes to WP users (at least, but either way this should help WordPress retain users (who were not too thrilled with the overall choices).

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This latest move should also help WordPress compete against Blogger who recently revamped their theme gallery (to the delight of blogspot fans every where).

Either way it will be interesting to see if adding more themes will help WordPress overtake Blogger, as the latter currently leads the pack as the Internet’s preferred blogging platform.

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  • I’m very interested to read about the developments of this endeavor. Thanks for the heads up. I know a lot of friends who either use wordpress or blogger and will share this with them.

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