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WordPress Turns 7 (Thanks For The Memories)

WordPress Turns 7 (Thanks For The Memories)

A long time ago (or rather 7 years which is ancient in geek time) a Matt Mullenweg unveiled WordPress to the world! These were the early days when services like LiveJournal and Xanga ruled the blogosphere, along with a zillion do-it-yourself blogging platforms.

WordPress was a new comer to the scene, having just branched away from its b2evolution cousin with nothing more than a vision and the phrase “Code is Poetry.”

Flash forward towards today and WordPress is one of the worlds most popular blogging platforms around, second only to Google’s Blogger in both the US and probably internationally as well.

Used by both commoners and heads of state, WordPress continues to redefine blogging as we know it, and whether you prefer to blog from your PC, your iPad or through a fancy (and expensive) smartphone, WordPress continues to provide users with the necessary tools to blog from where they are regardless of location.

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So happy birthday WordPress! Thanks for 7 years of awesomeness, and here’s too 7 more years of success!

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  • Happy 7th Birthday WordPress, I would consider wordpress being the best blogging tool out there the simplicity of the application is what makes it more appealing for the users, i myself use the wordpress almost everyday.

  • I wonder what the internet would look like if WordPress had never existed? So much of it is built around the WordPress core it is difficult to imagine.

    Happy Birthday to WP! It is a fantastic platform for empowerment.

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