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Finally! WordPress’s Elder Sister Launches 4.0 Alpha (b2evolution)

Finally! WordPress’s Elder Sister Launches 4.0 Alpha (b2evolution)

After delaying their 4.0 alpha release to the masses, it looks like the boys and girls behind b2evolution are ready to display their platform for the technical masses (i.e. hard core geeks).

We are happy to annonce that b2evolution version 4.0.0-alpha has been released.

Finally! you may say… but we’re pretty confident the new features were worth the wait ;-) There is really a lot under the hood! […]

However, please do keep in mind this is alpha software and that it’s a major new release. Despite extensive testing, there will be issues and you may need to dig into the PHP code to fix them quickly. At this point we only recommend that you upgrade if you don’t mind a little bit of experimentation (Official b2evolution Blog)

Note: Emphasis theirs.

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The b2evolution crew have already mentioned the various features they have baked into the CMS/blog software which range from widgets enhancements, multiblog cross posting and support for Gravatars (to the delight of bloggers everywhere).

While non-techies sporting b2evolution should stick to using version 3.3.3 (at least upon their main sites), geeks who do not mind living on the edge may want to dabble with 4.0 in order to help benefit a sibling of WP.

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