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Work Smarter Not Harder. An Infographic For The Workplace

Work Smarter Not Harder. An Infographic For The Workplace

Water Cooler Business ChatA recent study has found that one in three workers are completely or partially dissatisfied with on-the-job stress, in many cases those workers are likely suffering because they work extremely long hours when they should be working smarter and not working harder.

The team at  Best Masters Degrees has put together a clever infographic that highlights some simple tricks we can all use to work smarter while avoiding excessive hours an unneeded headaches.

For example the infographic suggests that 20 minutes of hard work followed by a short jaunt to the Aramark water cooler, restroom or another location can keep you focused and working faster than long periods isolated at your desk.

The infographic also suggests waiting five minutes before responding to an email so your brain can develop a thought out answer that can be sent quickly without the need to rewrite parts of the email after you compose it. 

Aside from simple tips towards better productivity the infographic shows off some interesting poll numbers, for example only one third of workers say they are excited about and actively engaged in their jobs while the percentage of people who claims to be completely satisfied with their jobs has risen from 28% in 1998. to 47% in 2011.

Take a closer look at the “Work Smarter – Not Harder” infographic for more information:

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In the meantime I have to wonder how this graph plays out for many of our readers who spend their time as bloggers and social media workers.

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