Would You Rather Read Shakespeare or a Blog?

File under obvious: Young teenagers, between the ages of 11 and 14 prefer reading their own blogs over reading for homework.


The results were founded by the organizers of the National Year of Reading, a year-long celebration of reading, designed to build a greater national passion for reading in England.

While overall Internet reading is up, it’s quite surprising that Facebook ranked as the ‘ninth-most loathed read.’ Anyone have any ideas why?

Celebrity gossip rules the roost, even at such a young age. I guess it goes to show that everyone really did want to see pictures of J-Lo’s babies, even though they are just babies themselves.

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Some good news for parents: Harry Potter, Anne Frank’s Diary and BBC Online cracked the top 10. Also, 80% of the teenagers surveyed write their own stories. I guess I can kiss my blogging jobs goodbye!

Read the survey results in their entirety here.

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