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Yahoo Snatches Up Popular Facebook Games

Yahoo Snatches Up Popular Facebook Games

Zynga LogoFacebook was able to keep popular Zynga games Farmville and Mafia Wars on their network with some last minute negotiations, but they weren’t able to keep their exclusivity which now includes Yahoo user support.

Yahoo has announced that they will allow access to both of the popular games featured on Facebook plus various other Zynga games which can be found directly from the Yahoo homepage.

The agreement is guaranteed to last for at least the next five years.

Yahoo is also providing access to Zynga games from Yahoo Mail, Yahoo Messenger, Yahoo Games and other popular Yahoo properties.

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The deal provides Zynga with access to 600 million potential users, while Yahoo Games which receives 19 million unique visitors a month gains access to the uber-popular series of games that Facebook users have come to love. It’s really a win-win for both companies, on the one hand Zynga gets more users, on the other Yahoo gets to tout higher “time on site” metrics when negotiating with advertisers while all but ensuring repeat users to their properties.

Zynga was recently estimated to be worth $4 billion and this new announcement should help push the company even higher in terms of market worth.

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  • The spread of Zynga games has been phenomenal and all power to them, but their games are so dull!! It would be nice to see some facebook games with more imagination.

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