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Yaro Starak launches Blog Mastermind Mentoring Program

Yaro Starak launches Blog Mastermind Mentoring Program

Yaro Starak is about to launch his Blog Mastermind Mentoring Program, designed for both new and more experienced bloggers who want to earn a living from blogging.

The ongoing program shows bloggers what Starak did to become a professional blogger able to earn a full-time income by working only part-time.

“Many people from around the world earn their living by blogging. I started blogging almost three years ago. I want to teach others what I did to get to where I am today – earning a comfortable living by working part-time,” says Starak.

According to reports, Yaro Starak consistently earns at least $5,000 per month purely from blogging.

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He has also made available a free 50 page introduction entitled “The Blog Profits Blueprint” which is available by signing up at (this is NOT an affiliate link, though there is an affiliate program attached to the course)

I’ve downloaded the free book and am planning to use some of this weekend to read through it. I could always use some more tips on money-making.

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  • I got the eBook yesterday and have skimmed through it, I’ll be giving it some deeper attention this weekend also. From what I’ve gleaned from it so far it looks like it might be quite useful, though there is a little too much namedropping in it for my liking. I mean I don’t know who half of the people he mentions are and I reckon the space could have been better used to impart some useful information rather than to show off that he knows all these ‘famous’ bloggers.

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