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YouTube Helping Charity Groups, Non-Profit Bloggers, Raise Money

YouTube Helping Charity Groups, Non-Profit Bloggers, Raise Money

Google’s Youtube has recently given not-for-profit organizations in the US a chance to raise donations straight from their video channels.

(Official Google Blog) In the past few years, online video has emerged as a key tool for grassroots organizing on the Internet — a short, simple video can demonstrate the impact and the needs of an organization in a uniquely compelling fashion. This program will enable non-profits to create dedicated YouTube channels for themselves, making it even easier for people to find, watch, and engage with the organization’s video content. […]

One other thing the YouTube Non-Profit Program offers: the ability to collect donations directly from these channels using the new Google Checkout for Non-Profits. Checkout for Non-Profits — which can also be integrated directly into a non-profit’s site — helps drive more donations for U.S.-based 501(c)(3) groups by making it possible for supporters to contribute quickly and securely. It also offers supporters the satisfaction of knowing that 100 percent of their contributions will be sent to the non-profit, as Google has committed to processing donations through Checkout for free through at least the end of 2008.

While this will generally appeal to charities throughout the US, this will definitely help bloggers who are either writing for charities or are registered as one (example: Committee To Protect Bloggers).

Since many not-for-profit organizations lack the “marketing teams” that most businesses have, the YouTube blog provided a short video with tips on how charities can properly address their cause with readers–as well as keep their attention span.

(Via the YouTube Blog) Several nonprofits are already using YouTube in their outreach; in fact, 13 of them helped us launch the program today and we’re featuring videos from each of them right now on our home page. Nonprofit organizations have also used YouTube to run video contests, broadcast celebrity endorsements and launch innovative video campaigns inspiring people to produce videos on the issues they care about.

As more and more nonprofits sign up for the program , we’ll build a special category on the site for videos from these groups, making it easier for you to discover and share their videos, and to engage with them right here on YouTube.

There is no word on whether or not Google will consider expanding this program towards international charities, or not-for-profits who do not reside in the US.

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While this may be Google’s way of gaining market share amongst non-profits (at the expense of Ebay’s Paypal), I wouldn’t be surprised if Google decided to in the future allow every video blogger with a checkout account to add this feature to their video’s, especially those in the business of selling products online.

Update: YouTube video did not embed for some reason. Updated post with paragraph from YouTube site, although the video can be seen over here.

Update: Video now embedded. -Editor

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