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YouTube Increasing Mobile Ads, Will Allow Users To Skip Them On Request

YouTube Increasing Mobile Ads, Will Allow Users To Skip Them On Request

YouTube Mobile Ads

YouTube on Wednesday announced that Trueview in-stream video ads will begin to roll-out on mobile devices.

In a post on the??Google Mobile Ads Blog?group product manager Phil Farhi wrote:

?We?ve rolled out a number of specific?mobile ad formats?on YouTube over the past year, making it easier for advertisers to reach people with great ads and content creators to monetize mobile views.? Now we?re extending this further by launchingTrueView in-stream video ads?on mobile devices.?

The TrueView ads are the same ones that feature the “skip” button on YouTube videos. After a few seconds of viewing users simply click the “skip” button to move on to their desired video.

For advertisers the move is good news since they only pay for ads that are viewed in their entirety, while even a short acknowledgement could still help their branding efforts.?According to?Ad Age, ?YouTube says that 65% of pre-roll ads on YouTube now allow viewers to skip them.??

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Return on Investment (ROI) is big for advertisers who pay more per view but only to engaged viewers.

The YouTube Mobile app will no longer come standard on Apple iOS based devices however it is likely users will continue to view YouTube videos via a dedicated iPhone app or through their mobile browser.

Do you think adding TrueView ads for mobile devices is a smart revenue model decision for the world’s largest video streaming platform?

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