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YouTube v. GooTube

YouTube v. GooTube

MSNBC asks what we might lose from YouTube to GooTube:

The YouTube party might just be over.

For about a year we have enjoyed the weird and terribly fun video culture if offers. The ease with which people could post, watch, embed and link to videos created a phenomenon that certainly ranks among the top Internet experiences of all time

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I think all of this fear is misplaced – YouTube will likely go on just as we’ve seen it function recently. Google, after all, does not exactly have the best reputation for major innovation with businesses that they have acquired…

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  • I agree with you there, Matt. I wouldn’t be surprised, however, if this is to gain for other video sites out there. Youtube is suddenly as mainstream as it could be, so now you might want to include your amateur ego-porn somewhere else.

    Or not. No big deal. :)

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