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YouTube’s Very Own “Annoying Orange” Gets Own TV Show

YouTube’s Very Own “Annoying Orange” Gets Own TV Show

Annoying OrangeAnnoying Orange is a huge YouTube success with more than 850 million combined views for all of its videos combined and now that mass appeal has translated into a new show on Cartoon Network.

Joining the networks 2012 lineup Annoying Orange will feature a half-hour show in which Orange and his friends use a “magical fruit cart” to travel through time.

The show was conceived earlier in the year when management company The Collective began working with creator Dane Boedigheimer to shoot a pilot which was then shown to TV networks.

If you’re unfamiliar with the character it’s literally an orange (pictured above) that talks in a squeaky voice and plays tricks on other fruits and vegetables, all the while using corny puns to get their point across.¬†

Annoying Orange is following in the footsteps of another YouTube fan favorite Fred which made the jump to Nickelodeon last year in Fred: The Movie and eventually in the sequel.

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At this point it’s still not clear when the show will air.

Would you be wiling to take your love of the Annoying Orange from YouTube over to the Cartoon Network?

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