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Zynga Rolls Out Lighthouse Cove Expansion Pack

Zynga Rolls Out Lighthouse Cove Expansion Pack

Lighthouse Cover - Zynga Welcome ScreenSocial game developer Zynga on Monday announced the release of Lighthouse Cove a new expansion pack for their highly popular FarmVille platform.

According to the company, players to Lighthouse Cove are tasked with rebuilding a coastal area after a gigantic storm wipes everything out. Using the games platform users can plant crops, erect new buildings and even make their destination a getaway spot by adding in a bed and breakfast while creating culinary dishes for town guests.

The expansion pack is available to users who have made it past level 15 of the standard FarmVille platform. Users at that level will also see a bunch of additions including river otters, duroc pigs, raspberry wine and super maple trees.

Not only is Lighthouse Cove an expansion of the original FarmVille franchise, it also adds some of the company’s new “dynamic” systems which they rolled out and learned from with the release of English Countryside back in March, making it harder to complete the game in marathon sessions and easier to play along with friends. Under the new system story lines have been staggered, ensuring that users have the chance to keep up with their game obsessed friends. New storylines for the expansion pack will be released each week.

In the meantime, here’s a screenshot from the game:

Lighthouse Cove by Zynga

If you’ve already reached above level 15 on FarmVille be sure to give the Lighthouse Cove expansion pack a try and let us know what you think.

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