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Zynga Shuts Down 11 Games As Troubles Continue

Zynga Shuts Down 11 Games As Troubles Continue

Zynga Shuts Down GamesZynga continues to falter and as gamers turn towards other social games developers the one-time powerhouse has shut down 11 of its lesser performing titles.

The news of the games shutdowns was announced by Zynga CEO Mark Pincus and they follow in line with the company’s attempts to downsize staff numbers while focusing on the company’s more popular and profitable titles.

Zynga has shut down the following social gaming titles in the month of December (and others coming in January).?

PetVille?? Shut down December 30th

Mafia Wars 2?- Shut down December 30th

FishVille?? Shut down December 5th

Vampire Wars?? Shut down December 5th

Treasure Isle?? Shut down December 5th

Indiana Jones Adventure World?? Closed to new players, shuts down January 14th

Mafia Wars Shakedown?? Pulled from app stores

Forestville?? Pulled from app stores

Montopia?? Shut down December 21st

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Mojitomo?? Pulled from app stores

Word Scramble Challenge?? Pulled from app stores

When Zynga broke onto the scene with its massive Facebook partnership the company appeared to be incapable of failing, every title was met with massive Facebook exposure and every title earned the company millions of dollars. Fast forward several years later and Zynga broke up its partnership with Facebook and its IPO price of $10 per share has plummeted to just $2.33 per share.

While Zynga has shut down 11 titles the company does still operate more than 30 games across its social gaming network.


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