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altBlogger: A Basic BlogSpot App For iPhone Fans

altBlogger: A Basic BlogSpot App For iPhone Fans

With the war over blogging apps slowly cooling down, it looks like BlogSpot fans have yet another premium option to choose for their beloved iPhones.

Created by Kiloton Applications, altBlogger provides a simply way for Blogger users to publish text entries to their blogs, as well as check who has posted a comment on their blog.

The app also supports labels, which probably gives the app one advantage over Google’s Blogger Mobile option.

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While the app does not support image uploading or editing posts, the creator is promising to add these features in a future release which should help altBlogger compete against its more powerful rivals.

Currently priced at $1, altBlogger does not offer as many features when compared to Blogium or BlogPress (the latter which had their free lite version anointed by Google), although hopefully the developer continues improving this app as the “Blogger arena” definitely needs more competition.

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