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Finally, A Decent FeedBurner iPhone App! (Stat Fever)

Finally, A Decent FeedBurner iPhone App! (Stat Fever)

I know, there are several other FeedBurner apps out there, such as Ego and FeedCount App. But Stat Fever is not only selling for $1 (instead of $2 like its rivals), but also boasts a nicer user interface (with graphs on the side).

Created by Paranoid Ferret Productions, Stat Fever allows bloggers to see how many readers are subscribed to their RSS feed or email posts (via FeedBurner of course).

With a tap of your finger, you can check out feed stats over the course of a week or a year, as well as see how many feed clicks you received.

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The only feature missing from this app is the FeedBurner analytics pie chart highlighting which feed readers are pinging your blog feed (although that may be a limitation from FeedBurner’s API).

Overall Stat Fever is worth the 99 pennies I spent on the app, and should compliment stat geeks who spend too much time on their beloved iDevice.

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