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iPhone Plus Blogger Plus “Troll Hate” Equals Blogium?

iPhone Plus Blogger Plus “Troll Hate” Equals Blogium?


It looks like another BlogSpot app has entered the scene, this time from TotoCaster of Georgia (the country, not the US state).

Called Blogium, this app gives BlogSpot fans the ability to not only upload images to their Google powered blog, but also delete unwelcome comments from within the app as well (which probably means bad news for trolls and spammers).

Features (what I loved)

Despite the fact that you can enable CAPTCHA’s for your Blogger blog, spammers are getting around these silly word puzzles via complex software or cheap human labor, making comment monitoring a must.

Blogium makes your BlogSpot life easier by allowing you to view comments posted on your blog post (in rich formatting nonetheless!), and selectively delete the ones you find offensive.

Just like a traditional blog app, Blogium supports photo uploading, which it hosts upon Picasa Web Albums.

You can even edit previous posts, just in case you want to update a specific article (or correct some spelling) or even delete them completely (drafts as well).

Last but not least you can also email links to your blog posts to friends and family although hopefully no one abuses this too much (as we do have RSS and Twitter now).

What’s missing (needed features)

Blog monitoring aside, Blogium is missing some key features that may convince others to pass it up for their rivals.

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Blogium only allows BlogSpot fans to post one image per post, which may not thrill those of the Blogger faith (as they can do that through Blogger Mobile).

Blogium also does not to my knowledge allow users to upload images to their specific Picasa web album, which may not please iFans seeking to control their media content.

Two other items missing were support for labels/tags, and (for 3GS fans) video uploading via YouTube, the latter which would make it a favorite among media bloggers.


Blogium can be purchased for $5, which may be pricey considering what it has to offer (at least when compared to rivals).

However if the developer can add multiple photo uploading, labels and video support (the latter which is rare in the app store), he would then have a full BlogSpot suite that would be well worth the price (if not a little more).

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