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Should Probloggers Use Hellotxt For iPhone?

Should Probloggers Use Hellotxt For iPhone?

When it comes to updating multiple social networks and blog platforms simultaneously, many blogging pros choose either HootSuite (which supports Twitter, Facebook, and, or Seesmic (who owns

While both of these apps have their strengths, blogging pros may want to consider a third alternative called Hellotxt that combines some of the best features of HootSuite and Seesmic at the affordable price of free.

For Probloggers wondering why they should even bother hitting the download button on yet another “global status app,” here are 3 reasons why they should consider adding Hellotxt upon their iDevice.

Select Thy Status

Just like HootSuite and Seesmic, Hellotxt allows probloggers to send posts to various social networks and blog platforms.

However what separates Hellotxt from its rivals is the fact that HootSuite and Seesmic rely on to establish a connection with most of your social networks and blogs, forcing you to choose between updating “all or none” at once.

Hellotxt on the other hand allows you to individually select the social networks and blog platforms you want to update upon, which can help you cater messages to specific audiences.

Scheduled Messages

Just like HootSuite, Hellotxt allows you to schedule status updates (aka “future post”) and have them delivered to your blogs and social networks.

While this feature isn’t new as many (if not most) blogging apps support future posting, it may come in hand for social networking guru’s who want to update certain audiences about certain events while they are busy (or even asleep).


Last but not least a feature that may interest a few bloggers (especially those in politics or hollywood) is the ability to upload and doodle upon an image before sending it out to the masses.

Users can either upload an image from their album or take a snapshot and doodle upon that.

Users can also take quick snapshots of maps and doodle upon those as well.

Where Hellotxt Fails

There are a couple key items that may convince blogging pros not to use Hellotxt, both ironically dealing with media uploads.

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After the Twitpic scandal, blogging pros may not appreciate the fact that Hellotxt hosts your images upon their corporate servers.

While this may not scare off most bloggers, those who desire to control all of their content (at least upon their respective blogs), may overlook Hellotxt for other alternatives.

Last but not least Hellotxt does not currently embrace video uploading which may convince users with iPhone 4’s to download another app instead.

Should Probloggers Use Hellotxt?

Overall Hellotxt is worth downloading if you utilizing more than three social networks (outside of Twitter and Facebook) or are writing upon multiple blogs and do not care for video features.

However since the app is free, probloggers should checkout the app for themselves and see if it can compliment their multi-social life.

Note: For bloggers lucky enough to own an iPad, Hellotxt is also a universal app, and they have also created a version for Android fans as well.

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