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Top 8 Personal Finance Blogs You Should be Reading

Top 8 Personal Finance Blogs You Should be Reading

personal-financeLet’s face it: Personal finance isn’t necessarily the buzziest or most popular industry on the web. While some industries have an easy time creating viral videos, cool infographics, and other creative pieces of content, personal finance has a subject matter that is a little bit less exciting. Still, even so-called “boring” industries have reasons to start a blog. For starters, a blog is a great way to improve your SEO by helping you get indexed more often, thus showing up on a search engine results page (SERP) more frequently.

Fortunately for us, some personal finance companies have managed to create a blog with interesting and engaging content. If you’ve been searching for a blog to learn more about personal finance but can’t find anything quality, check out some of these options below.

8 of the Best Personal Finance Blogs on the Web

The Popular Options

  1. Saving Advice

This is a great blog because it offers more than just your typical articles. They offer forum discussions, a ”Saving Money” daily tip, and a featured tool that you may want to use. They also have member blogs where you can publish your own articles and see the type of feedback and comments you get, which helps keep the blog interactive. Overall, it’s one of the best.

  1. Wise Bread

This is by far the most popular personal finance blog out there today. Although personal finance is just one small section of what the website has to offer, it has some of the more detailed and well-written articles on its blog compared to others. They update their content frequently and keep up with the latest trends, so you never have to worry about reading something outdated or incorrect. Between interviews and video, Wise Bread knows how blogging works.

  1. Money Crashers

This is another blog that publishes content very frequently and has an excellent portfolio under its belt. They let you know what content is popular each week and offer recommendations of what to read in case you’re visiting just for fun and need somewhere to start. They do cover a wide range of topics, so it’s crucial that you use their tabs listed at the top of the website to find the subjects you want (otherwise it’s easy to get overwhelmed here!).

  1. Money Ning

This blog has been one of the more popular blogs for several years, but it’s much simpler than the others discussed above. You visit the blog and you scroll down to see each piece of content. In other words, it is formatted much like a traditional blog as opposed to a newspaper or magazine website. There is great content here with great readership so there are always lots of comments to engage in. If you’re just looking for something interesting to read (as opposed to researching something specific), this is a good option for you.

  1. Mint Life

Mint Life is actually the blog of popular company and tool is a tool and app that helps you manage your money and will do all of the organizing and categorizing for you if you have several accounts, so it’s safe to say they know their stuff. Although the blog might not be the main focus of this company, it’s constantly up to date and offers great pieces. It’s set up like a blog as opposed to a magazine style layout, so it’s easy to read and browse through quickly.

The Up-and-Coming Options

  1. Banking Sense

This is a much newer blog on the scene, but it is already making a name for itself with an array of great content and creative topics. The blog specifically mentions in its mission statement that it understands the wide spectrum of where people may be when it comes to understanding personal finance, so they try to have content for everyone. With categories broken up nicely, it’s easy to get around this blog and find what you want for any topic from bank accounts to insurance to investments.

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  1. Daily Finance

This blog hasn’t gained much traction in the personal finance world yet, but I anticipate it will in the coming years because of its modern design and strategy toward blogging. This is a blog that actually creates great videos, which is something rare for a personal finance blog, and it keeps you up on the markets right there on the homepage. Daily Finance even pulls articles from around the web to offer the best possible information, so I see this one going far.

  1. Good Financial Cents

Jeff Rose, certified financial planner, the CEO of his own wealth management firm, and author, primarily runs this blog and likes to give his own opinions with his own personality. He gives real-world advice and makes you feel like he’s been there and he’s talking right with you, so it’s more of a personalize blog than many of the others. He also has a podcast to help connect with those on the go, so it seems that this blog will only grow in popularity. What this blog is lacking is several different perspectives being written on the blog, but that may come in the future. For now, he’s giving great advice.

Do you know of any other great personal finance blogs? What makes them so great? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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