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TweetDeck Fixes iPhone App, Update Live On The App Store

TweetDeck Fixes iPhone App, Update Live On The App Store

After initially pulling their iPhone app due to frequent crashes, TweetDeck’s iPhone app is now live on the App store!

While I was never a fan of their desktop app (as I loathe all things Adobe AIR), their iPhone app has features that put premium apps to shame by striking a balance between power and elegance.

TweetDeck has created a video highlighting its best features, although here is my take on the app thus far.

What I Love

The Facebook integration is awesome, as I can finally selectively post to either Facebook or Twitter (or both!) without having to resort to Selective Twitter (on Facebook).

I also enjoyed the fact that you can manually switch it to landscape mode instead of relying upon the accelerometer (which can be annoying if you accidently change position).

Last but not least TweetDeck is still free–which puzzles me as I would seriously pay $5 for this app!

What I hated

Although I love the fact that TweetDeck is now 3GS friendly (i.e. it supports video), I hate the fact the the only service available is 12seconds, which as you can imagine only gives you 12 seconds to express yourself on video.

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I also do not like the fact that when it comes to adding friends to columns, they do not show your friends faces like they do in the @people picker. It would be nice if they baked this feature in.

Last but not least there is no push notification! Come on TweetDeck! Even if this was a paid upgrade, it would be so worth it!


TweetDeck comes with a ton of other features (too numerous to post here), but it is one of the best iPhone apps out there in my honest opinion, and I’m surprised that they are giving this app away free of charge.

Hopefully they will consider adding more features to the service (flickr support would be nice) but overall this is a must have app for the twitterholic–especially if one is short on cash.

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