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UberTwitter Invades The iPhone

UberTwitter Invades The iPhone

It looks like UberTwitter (one Blackberry’s biggest tweet contenders) has made a belated entrance upon the iPhone, months after the official Twitter for iPhone client launched for iOS.

Unlike other third party iPhone apps, UberTwitter decided to release their app for free to the masses, albeit with ads near the bottom of the screen.

Although the app is fairly basic when compared against the likes of Echofon Pro or SimplyTweet, the app does pack one surprise that may make UberTwitter a “must have” tweet app for a few users.

UberView For Me And You

Probably the strongest feature regarding UberTwitter is the fact that the UberView feature which allows users to preview a web page within the app client (via mobile layout) without visiting the site in full glory on your iPhone.

This ingenious feature is very useful when it comes to the art of saving time as it allows you to preview a website by either tapping directly upon the tweet or by shifting your phone into landscape mode.

Although not a killer feature, it does help UberTwitter stand out from the numerous third party tweet applications that saturate the iOS app store.

UberTwitter Underwhelming?

Even though UberTwitter is a decent app, they probably picked a horrible time to introduce themselves to the iOS universe as the app under performs when compared against rivals.

Unlike most third party tweet apps, UberTwitter only supports one account, which means power users will probably not think twice about using the app.

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UberTwitter also does not provide users with multiple options when it comes to uploading media such as images and video, forcing users to use only Plixi or yFrog, respectively.

Last but not least, UberTwitter does not support push notifications (a feature Twitter now supports upon their official iOS app), which means users will have to utilize Boxcar in order to receive alerts regarding mentions and retweets.

Is It Worth Downloading?

While UberTwitter would have been an excellent app 2 years ago, overall the app is not a worthy contender to Twitter for iPhone, let alone third party rivals.

According to rumors the company is planning on releasing greater functionality by December of this year, so we won’t write off UberTwitter just yet.

However UberTwitter has a long road ahead of them if they want to challenge Twitter’s official app upon iOS (let alone the other third party apps available).

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