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Writing Copy that Catches your Readers Attention

Writing Copy that Catches your Readers Attention

There are plenty of writers who have been studying for years and love the activity. It is definitely something that promotes a sense of intellectual stimulation and growth. But what about writing great headlines and web articles that grab even more attention?

I want to share a resource part of Depositphotos that will catch bloggers by surprise. If you have been a part of Depositphotos then it is already evident what type of resources they can offer. It is a very powerful eCommerce shop, and I have always enjoyed their useful features. Even just a basic search for writing photos can provide a starting point. You want to add graphics and tidbits into your articles that readers can tie into the content itself.

Web Copy and Graphics

The Depositphotos library of stock photography is enormous and growing every day. There are a lot of freelance photographers who are more than happy to contribute and sell their pieces on the Internet. It provides an exceptional means of quick money, plus they get paid to do what they love most. If you have never seen the photographs in Depositphotos it is definitely worth a peek.

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Some of their categories will be intermixed if you do not specify a type of search. There are both icons, vectors, graphics, and stock photos all mixed into one search engine! It goes without saying that their products catalog is expansive, but just how useful can this be to writers on the web? It depends how many articles you are writing. And how many of these articles will benefit from using a piece of stock photography.

Read up a bit on the stock files prices to get an adjusted idea for your own usage. It is a waste of money to buy more credits than you will need. But if you find yourself with loads of additional work then it is definitely worth a bit of extra cost for the exemplary display in stock photography. There are lots of different types of photos, and even some displays or charts that may come in handy during a publication.

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Times of Change

As we move forward it is difficult to say how the writing scene may change. There is a striking trend in the upheaval from print magazines to digital magazines. With this transformation we may also witness a rise in more users on the web. This should not come as a surprise, with the number of mobile devices and tablets increasing with each year.

If you are a blogger or manage your own online blog/magazine it is worth reading about Depositphotos’ special for bloggers. You can get access to a wide library of photos and other images which pertain exclusively to blogging and writing articles online. It truly is a technological era we are moving towards, and I would love to see the advancing art of web copywriting to go through a similar transition.

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  • In my opinion, there are always these issues: the copyright, the uniqueness, the quality of the content. But now I do agree with your ideas. Photos will become a special factor. And of course content still is king. But we still have to keep an eye on videos or coding texts.

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