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9 Easy-to-Use SEO Tips to Boost Your Site’s Visibility Today

9 Easy-to-Use SEO Tips to Boost Your Site’s Visibility Today

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Everyone wants to be noticed for something. Even if you don’t have the desire to be an A-list celebrity, it is nice to be appreciated and recognized for something that you do.

Maybe that “something” is your business or personal website and you’re looking to generate more traffic. There is no such thing as bad or good PR, just as there is no such thing as bad or good organic traffic. Anyone coming to your website is just another pair of eyes that increases your exposure.

SEO is one of those ways that can increase your organic traffic to your website. Many users ignore paid ads and with 40,000 Google searches going on at every second, there are a lot of people out there looking.

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Practicing good SEO is a surefire way to take your business from the back pages of Google and have them land on the coveted page one. 

There are tons of SEO tips and tricks out there. Some take time to master and get a hold of, but these tips below are easy steps you can start implementing today. 

One theme that will become apparent throughout these tips is the following: keep it simple. When a web user is looking through different websites, they want clear and concise information that tells them exactly what they’re looking at. 

Make Your URL Descriptive

In a day and age when people can access anything they want in a blink of an eye, being confusing, not providing an adequate description or being too wordy is an easy way for people to ignore your website.

That means making your URL descriptive, easy to read and catchy. While you hopefully have already settled on a domain name, the description is going to show up on your web results. A catchy domain name is important also if you decide to go the micro site route. 

Consider that a mini-advertisement for your business or page. Remember, that on the web and in life, first impressions matter greatly. 

Use Free Tools

One of the best tools out there is Google Search Console. The Search Console will help find keywords relevant to your site and alert you of any missing gaps along the way. It can also alert you any other problems or issues with your site, such as loading time, crawling time and much more.

Consider the Google Search Console like a check engine light for your website where you can catch the problem early instead of having to do a whole overhaul at a later date. 

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Scout the Competition

One of the easiest tips out there is to simply see how Google is displaying search results for similar business types. What about those sites make them pop out on the front page?

This is like baseball, where teams are trying to steal each other’s signs. See what is working out there and do what you can to emulate their strategy. Look at various keywords and how they structure their descriptions.

If Google is displaying a lot of local results, see what you can do to become more relevant locally and maximize your position. 

Keep it Fresh

Just like your favorite TV show, new content needs to be added on a regular basis so your users and visitors stay interested. New content could be anything from blog posts to new products to updates on your business.

It’s important to keep your website up-to-date. Even though it’s hard to believe, 2015 was already four years ago and a dated website is a useless website. 

Go Mobile

Remember when your teacher said, “Learn all of these formulas and methods now because you’re never going to have a calculator in your pocket!” It’d be great to see her face when she realizes that you not only have a calculator but a supercomputer in your pocket.

For that reason, you need to make sure your website is mobile-friendly. Using a platform like WordPress to design your site is an easy way to ensure your website will be mobile-friendly. This step will require a bit of testing, another tool that Google has, in order to see the speed, layout and make sure mobile users are receiving the same content as computer users. 

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Make sure your website is loading fast. Speed time is an SEO ranking factor, which means a slow website is going to finish last. 

Even if you aren’t a tech expert, there are a few steps to try out before you call one in. Remove big images and long, blocks of text. Make sure you’re removing dead links and see if you can move to a hosting provider who offers better speeds. 

Navigate With Ease

Another way to boost your website’s visibility is to make your website easy to navigate. That means making links easy and other pages quick to get to. The bots and crawlers – and your users – shouldn’t have to weave through a seemingly impenetrable wall of links and sources just to get to the page they want.

To visualize it, think of those outlines you used to make for your English class. Everything is nice, simple and layered, all easy to read and follow.

Bring it In

Whenever you’re publishing content or adding new parts to your website, you’ll want to include as many links as possible that reroute users back to other parts of your website. While there’s no problem having links to other websites, you run the risk of users clicking on those links and being taken off-site.

You’ll also help build up your link authority, making you look more legitimate to those bots and crawlers that roam your website. 

Run an Audit

No one likes when an audit happens, but running an SEO audit can be incredibly beneficial for your website. 

You have multiple options when running an audit. You can either hire an outside expert to perform one, put your website through an online tool or perform one yourself. The best and cheapest options are the go through a free website tool and perform the audit yourself. 

Audit tools will give you a grade and some suggestions on how you can improve your visibility and SEO. 

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