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Be Master Of Your Online Domain With This Trifecta

Be Master Of Your Online Domain With This Trifecta

In order to maintain a successful online presence, you have to be consistent and diligent, ensuring you’re utilizing multiple tools to help boost your brand visibility. To do this, weave together areas of Social Media, organic marketing, and website activity for maximum results. Let’s not forget that implementing strategy and making use of analytics goes a long way too. It can feel like a lot to take on all at once but begin well, with a strong domain, professional social media etiquette, and a powerful web host, and you’ll see your online presence sky rocket.

Social Media

The purpose of social media, apart from creating buzz within your following is primarily to lead your audiences back to your website. Posting outside links to relevant content will keep your following on their toes while showing them you’re interested in what others in your industry are discussing. This should be done 25%-50% of the time with a bit of additional wiggle room for re-tweeting on Twitter. The other 50-75% of the time, you want to be linking to new and engaging content posted on your website.

Anytime you have a sale for example, new event, or blog post, share it on your social media outlets. If something is time sensitive, better to boost a post or create an ad than link to the same pages or articles over and over. This can cause your following to wonder why you’re re-posting old content without there being a good reason for it; they may eventually drop off. If there isn’t enough website content to link to, using pictures or posting tips directly related to your enterprise will suffice to start.

Domain Choice

If you want to build the website of your dreams remember that your domain name and extension will be what brands your online business, so choose carefully; make sure your name is simple and relevant to your activities. For example, if your name is John Smith, you’re a personal trainer, and you’re explicitly Canadian operating – something like may be a good option for you. Alternatively, if you’re involved with tech or new software .tech or .cloud extensions can help you stand out from the crowd.

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Optimize search engine results by updating your website frequently, and posting new content ideally every week. Keeping up with activities that bring users to your site will naturally also boost SEO as well, like guiding users back to your website through your social media initiatives. Partnering with a strong, local hosting entity however will definitely be a deciding factor in your success. Web hosting providers like HostPapa for example will have your website on exclusively Canadian servers boosting your visibility on Canadian search engines like

Being a master of your online domain can take some juggling, however soon you’ll see your audience engagement growing, potentially bringing in new customers and creating a space for new client relationships to get established. Just remember to be active on social media, pick a great domain choice, and to partner with a web host that will get you noticed.

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