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5 Social Media Blogs to Know in 2020

5 Social Media Blogs to Know in 2020

We may almost be in the middle of 2020 already but it still feels like we’re just getting started (No thanks, COVID-19!). The Blog Herald thought of creating a series of blogs to know about in 2020 — different niches, different voices, and different approaches.

We begin with 5 social media blogs to know about. Why follow social media blogs? Because social media has evolved from merely being about networking and interaction to being about business, sales, and employment.

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It’s always good to know what’s out there. Here are some social media blogs we recommend you check out:


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I am a visual person and I love the layout of the blog: simple and straightforward. They have a way of presenting their endless content without their site looking cluttered and boring. I especially enjoy their Highlights carousel. Their design is almost instinctive: from the top story to other highlights for the day and other content for founders.

I love that they have content for startups, which is encouraging and empowering for aspiring entrepreneurs. Their other sections cover the journey and aspects of a social media startup: growth, leadership, innovation, and more. All these in an uncluttered layout that is almost instinctive; you won’t get overwhelmed or confused.


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Neil Patel is one of those marketing experts who love to share what they know so that others won’t have a hard time getting started. He seems to love seeing others succeed, and he always does so with a smile. His refreshing take on social media marketing is borne from his own experience: his hits and misses, failures, and lessons hard-learned.

Check out Neil Patel’s blog and watch your first educational video today. Or choose any of his podcast entries and learn as you drive, or even as you do your chores (if you believe in subliminal programming). His website is perfect for SEO newbies (like me!) because it is rich in tips, tricks, and other educational content as far as SEO is concerned.


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Social media is, indeed, a jungle; and Social Media Examiner aims to help one navigate this ever-changing jungle and successfully find their way. Behind it is the Social Media Marketing Society, a support group and network of experts in social media marketing. It was founded by Michael Stelzner in 2009 amid the Great Recession (as featured in the film “The Big Short“).

Social Media Examiner presents its content as articles, video tutorials, and shows. They even have events. They have a weekly podcast simply called “Social Media Marketing Podcast” hosted by Stelzner. There’s something for everybody. You won’t leave their blog without knowing a new thing or two about social media marketing and the latest news.


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Here’s another social media blog that’s as refreshing to the eyes as it is on the mind. They mostly feature two types of content: news (because one must always be in the know) and how-to’s (because one must always learn the newest tech or feature). What’s the latest in the world of social media? What are people talking about in social media? They’re all here.

Social Media Today also hosts live chats with members of their community. These live chats are learning sessions that double as networking sessions; a way to speak with experts “face to face.” They are uploaded into the site afterward so you can watch what you missed. Social Media Today also shares tools for social, content, and digital strategy and marketing.

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It is good to follow a wide assortment of social media blogs. They help us understand the many facets of social media marketing, especially the different approaches one can take with it.

Socially Sorted is an award-winning blog founded by Donna Moritz, a visual content strategist. This blog is all about visual storytelling and how to ramp up your visual content strategy game.

According to, “Visual marketing campaigns are more likely to be shared and get clicks than text ads would.”

Other facts they list are:

  1. Humans process visuals 60,000 faster than text
  2. Consumers can retain 80% of visuals they see and only 20% of the text they read
  3. A human’s ability to concentrate is lost at 8 seconds — shorter than that of a goldfish

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Is there a social media blog you follow that we were not able to include in this list? Tell us about it in the comments and why you follow it. We would be more than happy to learn from you, too!

Next week, we will list 5 lifestyle blogs to know about in 2020. Stay tuned!

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