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All You Need To Know About How Small Business Should Handle Social Media

All You Need To Know About How Small Business Should Handle Social Media

Time is extremely important to those who operate small businesses. Chances are each person on your staff is doing the work of many. As the owner, you are probably wearing many hats. While you may be letting social media take a back burner to more important business activities, experts say you are making a huge mistake. In fact, by actively managing your social media accounts you could bring in 400 percent more sales.

Rachel Go, a guest blogger from Hubstaff contributed some expert advice for Authentic Form & Function on how to build a strong social media presence by building relationships with your followers and optimize your accounts. By following a few of her expert tips, you could see drastic results.

While you should definitely check out Go’s full article for all of the incredibly insightful tips, there is one topic she covers that we think many people overlook.

Find Your Target Audience

With so many social media outlets, how do you know which one to use? You might think you need to have a strong presence on all of them, but Go says that you should focus on the one that gives you the bet results.

“To get the best Return on Investment (or ROI), start with one or two of the channels where your audience hangs out,” Go writes. “If you’re a local restaurant, this could mean focusing on Yelp and Foursquare. If you’re an apparel line, this could be the image-centric Instagram and Facebook. If you’re a news media outlet, send out snippets of news on Twitter.”

Go even suggests creating a profile of the type of follower you would want. Write down everything about that person. What is their name? Hobbies? Beliefs? What social networks would you dream audience member be a part of? This will help you better understand which channels you should focus your efforts.

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Go’s beautifully written piece is full of these ideas that could potentially help you triple (or more!) your small business profits.

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