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Taiwanese Instagram Grandparents Prove Blogging and Social Media is For Everyone

Taiwanese Instagram Grandparents Prove Blogging and Social Media is For Everyone

It is inevitable that growing old, with children and grandchildren building their own lives and families, can be quite lonely for seniors. The internet can provide so many opportunities for seniors all over the world. When they could not travel to see their loved ones, grandparents could easily connect through social media. Grandparents could also stay connected with communities through these platforms.

Technology may be a bit daunting for their age, but various aids could help them adapt to such technologies. What the world needs to learn, on the other hand, is how to communicate well so that these seniors easily understand social norms being used online. Maybe learn to practice how to be wary of who could see what is being posted on social media. Perhaps having these elders on the online community can help people learn how to be more proactive when posting things.

Here are a few examples of blogger and influencer grandparents who are popular right now:

Instagram Grandparents from Taiwan

A pair of Taiwanese grandparents became instant Instagram celebrities after they posed for trendy photos featuring abandoned clothing. They own a local laundry business and they do have a couple piles of abandoned clothing from their store. This Instagram page is something that brings the couple enjoyment. There are actually a good number of popular elderly social media influencers and Instagram bloggers.


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A post shared by 萬秀的洗衣店|WANT SHOW as young (@wantshowasyoung) on Aug 13, 2020 at 6:00am PDT


It was their grandson’s idea to create an Instagram page for the couple to feature all the abandoned clothing they have collected through the years. In just a month, they have gained more than 600,000 followers. Many people are awed for their wittiness and a good majority surely coo from the cuteness. Their Instagram page is surely enough to give a daily dose of cuteness that could easily melt anyone’s hearts. The couple became so popular that they were even featured in both Marie Clare and Vogue.

Through the years they have donated so many pieces of clothing to charity, the majority of which were abandoned in their laundry business. One of the advocacies that their Instagram page promotes is sustainable fashion. It is their way of teaching their followers that clothing could be re-worn even if they are not “in-season”. Instead of buying new clothes every so often, maybe thinking about how to recreate old clothes or second-hand clothes could be a challenge.

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Gamer Grandma from Japan

Another popular social media star is Japan’s Gamer Grandma who has a following of more than 300,000 after her YouTube channel was launched in 2015. Hamako Mori, an almost centenarian grandma from Chiba, Japan, is known to be the oldest video game YouTuber in the world. Based on interviews, she has been gaming for more than 30 years and regrets none of it. In her life as a gamer, she has played more than 200 titles. She’s known to play Skyrim, Dauntless, and countless other games citing that Grand Theft Auto is her favorite.


Because she has started gaming decades ago, she probably went through almost all kinds of consoles. Aside from her gaming, her channel is also well-known for her collection of videogame consoles – one that shows the revolution of gaming and technology through time. Her YouTube channel claims that she plays for hours on end and sometimes even plays up to 2:00 A.M., just like any game fanatic. She claims that games looked too fun and it would be unfair if adults don’t get to play these games for children.

“Dadvice” For Everyone

Another social media influencer that is too adorable for words is a dad from the US that teaches “dadvice” on YouTube. He said he created his channel to provide advice to anyone on the internet on how to do things you usually ask your dad about. This includes usage of tools, repairs for cars, fixing stuff at home, and all those kinds of stuff.


According to his page, he grew up without a dad and understands that doing certain things could be difficult. Now, knowing what he experienced, he wants to be a dad for anyone who needs dadvice. Anyone could even send him an email asking “Dad, How Do I…” so that he could personally reply or even post a video related to the query.

Social Media and Blogging for All Ages

All these go to show that the internet knows no age and nothing about it is “too Millennial”. The internet and all the technologies developed to aid it, is made for mankind of all ages, gender, and race. Maybe we think that seeing grandparents on social media is a dime a dozen. However, seeing influencers and bloggers that are within that age range is truly rare. There are resources on the internet that provides tutorials for any grandparent out there that still wants to learn the ups and downs of social media. There are even a good number of blogs and websites that are great for grandparents.

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