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A Quick Guide on Beefing Up Your WordPress Security
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  • Dear Christopher,

    WordPress security is the primary task for every WordPress blog admins. The above three WordPress security plugins are working very good. I am using these three security plugins for all my blogs to protect from all types of attacks. Once again thanks to this list.

    Satish Kumar Ithamsetty

  • Hey Christopher,

    Being new to wordpress and blogging stuff i have started with a popular hosting and i think i’m satisfied with my password too. I’m just worried is it necessary to install the security plugins? What if we don’t update these plugins for a longer time? Will they get vulnerable too?


  • Thank you so much Christopher, I am just starting to build a website using wordpress, and I’m still exploring the functionalities of it. It’s a big help , I hope you will also give us the steps on how to use those plugins.

  • I use a wordpress plugin called “Limit Login Attempts” which is an excessive way to break physical force bouts in contradiction of your wordpress login info. I was surprised to determine precisely how numerous hacker efforts were existence complete per day in contradiction of my website.

  • I recommend running a WP security test to find any basic security problems with your WP site and then look into fixing them. Most sites that are hacked are using outdated plugins and themes or do not use a security plugin such as Wordfence or others available.

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