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Your Blog Needs Its Own Video Channel – Here’s Why You’re Missing Out on Your Success

Your Blog Needs Its Own Video Channel – Here’s Why You’re Missing Out on Your Success

Blogging has evolved over the years from simple text based posting by hobbyists sharing their passions. It’s now a powerhouse tool for reaching billions of readers worldwide using ideas and discussion to change world views, challenge norms and sell products. As we go with the flow of the blogosphere we continuously look for ways to make our own messages stand out from the rest and gain special attention and traction. In this day accomplishing this and increasing website traffic is a difficult task as competition becomes stiffer and readers’ attention spans become microscopic.

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There is one medium able to hold the attention of this fast paced age and that’s video. The rise of video blogging has been a slow one but we’re seeing where many “vloggers” who took early advantage of sites like YouTube and Vimeo, are both rolling in the dough and enjoying rich experiences with their audiences. Online video has already started replacing cable TV viewership with more time being spent online.

It’s time to rethink how you distribute your content. Regular publishing on your blog and traditional social media are great techniques but let’s go a step further.

Your Blog is your Own Media House

As a blogger, you’re not very different from CNN, the New York Times and Time Warner. You’re trying to make a living from content, you’re just not a major channel or conglomerate yet. But you’re in the same business as they are. When you begin to start approaching your blogging from this mindset you’ll soon realise that there are many things lacking from your approach to your business. Think about how those major media houses present their content. It’s well branded, professionally done, targeted for their audience and they’re on the ball on meeting their objectives. That’s the mindset you need to develop.

The Benefits of Supplementing your Blog’s Content with Video

There are tons of SEO and distribution benefits of adding video to your marketing toolkit. The first obvious one is that you’re tapping into a very different kind of audience. An audience whose media consumption and sharing patterns are completely different but with an appetite and connectivity strong enough to make your stuff go viral.

In addition, Google treats video in a slightly different manner, and your content will have an opportunity to be presented in a special way. Your content, once you have confirmed Google Authorship on both your site and YouTube, will give you an SEO advantage as you work to gain command of your chosen niche and topics.

Video offers you the flexibility of presenting your content uniquely and with a lot more life as you let your personality shine, with room for animation and other types of cool tricks and graphics if you have the skill. At the end of the day, video will help you reach more people.

Whether You’re a Beginner or Pro, Get Started

Many bloggers fail to jump into video because of a fear of criticism journeying into new territory. They view it in a similar manner to public speaking, which rightfully so, freaks out a lot of people. I would advise that you do all you can to overcome your camera shyness and begin testing the waters with video. It will feel a bit awkward at first but it’s a bold move that will not only get your creative juices flowing, but help you to grow as a professional blogger. A blogger above the average with a brand to be reckoned.

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In getting started, it basically doesn’t matter what type of camera you have, whether it’s top of the line, only worth a few hundred bucks or is your phone’s camera. Just get started. Its not about how fancy you can make your video, although that’s important, but it’s how good you are at storytelling. Mastering the art of storytelling is your trump card and if you’ve been paying attention to marketing on the web lately, you’ve heard of this. Tell your unique story.

Learning Resources

As a first step, create your YouTube account. Then check out Derek Muller’s series and favorited videos on creating a YouTube channel and Storytelling. He has some amazing advice for beginners and he shares some in the video below:

The YouTube blog is also a great place to learn from the experts and YouTube itself has lots of resources and tools to help you create killer content.

To conclude, I’d say test the waters, do some research on your target audience who consume videos and make your blogging brand known. Once you’ve got the hang of video as a distribution media, try other video based networks like and There’s a wealth of opportunities out there, you just have to get your feet wet.

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