Blog Design: WTF Is That Doing There?

Blog Clutter

Remember the old adage that you never get a second chance to make a first impression? You personally may get a second chance to sway that first impress, but your blog doesn’t. If you don’t grab them within the first micro-seconds of a visit, they won’t subscribe and they won’t be back.

Digging through a lot of blogs recently to research an upcoming article, I found myself thinking “WTF” as I looked at the designs. I was constantly distracted from the content I was eager to read through and quote towards things that blinked, flashed, or listed irrelevant stuff. My eyes had to work overtime to stay focused on the information I was there to glean.
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AOL Cuts Blog Budgets, Signs of Things to Come?


aol.gifTechCrunch reports that AOL has been making big budget cuts across its blogs. We’re not talking small stuff here, serious cuts up to 25%, which will almost certainly effect the writers the most.

The cuts range up to 25% of each properties total budget, which falls mostly on personnel costs – bloggers are simply being told to take a couple of weeks off for now, and there may or may not be work for them later in August.

The tech blogs, with Engadget being the most prominent one, is not affected, the sources say.

While this should be treated as a rumor for now, it is something that will and should rattle the blogosphere.
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Google Delivers 2% of World’s Malware

The 2008 first half Security Threat Report, published by computer security company Sophos, has identified Google’s Blogger as being responsible for 2-percent of the world’s malware.

Apparently, hackers are setting up free blogs that host malicious code. You’ll also find evil links lurking in the comments section.

According to Google:

“Using Blogger, or any Google product, to serve or host malware is a violation of our product policies. We actively work to detect and remove sites that serve malware from our network.”

The United States received the distinct honor of being the home of the most infected Web pages (accounting for two out of every five). Following behind are China, Russia, Germany and the Ukraine. Let’s hope we carry this winning streak into the Olympics!

Up next, the infiltration of your mobile device. I can hardly wait.

Observations On Doing A Podcast With Other Bloggers

Over the past few months, I’ve been an occasional co-commentator for the Elite Tech News podcast. It was started by MG Siegler of ParisLemon and Venture Beat who rounded up several tech blog “B-listers” to participate in a panel discussion of current tech topics. The current line up is Mark “Rizzin” Hopkins, Louis Gray, Art Lindsey, Frederic Lardinois, Steven Hodson, Tamar Weinberg, Tony Hung, and myself.

Here are my observations of the experience:

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WordPress Wednesday News: iPhone, 10 Downing Street, WordCamp UK, WordPress 2.6 Rocks, WordPress International, and WordPress Themes Directory

WordPress iPhone mania sweeps the WordPress Community. WordPress will now rule an entire nation. WordCamp UK a resounding hit. WordPress 2.6 appears to be a stable release. The new WordPress Themes Directory is now an extend. WordPress working hard on improving localization and international translations. Go VOTE for your favorite new WordPress Plugin.

WordPress News

iPhone for WordPress: It’s the talk of the web. The WordPress for iPhone brings your WordPress blog to your iPhone. It is Open Source and compatible with iPhone 3G, iPhone, and iPod Touch and works with full-versions of (2.5.1 or higher) and . You can download it for free from the iTunes App Store. There is a WordPress iPhone frequently asked questions page to help, and a place to report iPhone WordPress problems. A walk-through video on WordPress for iPhone is on the Automattic Publisher blog. CNet Webware gives a positive review of the iPhone WordPress app, including pros and cons such as uploading photos from your Media Library or from your phone’s camera, and a good post preview. The downside is not being able to copy and paste links and text. It’s all hand HTML coding, too. There are a lot of WordPress mobile options for blogging and keeping up with your WordPress blog via your cell phone.

WordPress Now Rules a Nation: Simon Dickson announced at WordCamp UK that Number 10 Downing new site will be on WordPress.
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jkOnTheRun Joins GigaOm Network

Om Malik of GigaOm fame has announced that his company, Giga Omni Media, have acquired mobile gadgets blog jkOnTheRun. No amount have been specified.

The reason for buying the blog is of course that it is a great one, filling an empty space in the GigaOm network. The choice was to either build a blog in this niche from scratch, or buying one. With that in mind, the deal was and is probably a no-brainer. [Read more…]

Google Borg Now Complete: Digg To Be Assimilated For $200 Million

Michael of TechCrunch fame is reporting that Google is in talks to purchase Digg for approximately $200 million.

(TechCrunch) Google’s on and off negotiations with Digg have been back on in a big way for the last six weeks, we’ve heard from multiple sources inside of Google, and the two companies are close to a deal that will bring Digg under the Google News property. The acquisition price is in the $200 million range, says one source. […]

The companies are now in final negotiations according to our sources, although it could be a couple of weeks before it closes.

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