Facebook To Charge For Vanity URLs?

AllFacebook noticed a poll asking users if they would pay for a vanity URL on the service. Some select few have already gotten vanity URLs, like AllFacebook for one (facebook.com/allfacebook – compare to your own profile URL), but it is no a feature open to the public.

What would it mean if Facebook started charging for vanity URLs? Well, first of all we’d have a rush for important keywords, like “hockey”, “books”, “games” and so on. It would basically be the hunt for great domain names all over again. And why shouldn’t Facebook move on this? Why indeed.

Did You Know WordPress Has It’s Own URL-Shortener Built In?

Recently an email subscriber complained that I had sent out a newsletter containing links shortened via a URL shortner service.

There are a couple of reasons I did this. First if a URL is too long email programs break the links by wrapping. This means I get a lot of people saying the links don’t work. The second reason is in the past Aweber’s built-in click tracking shortened URLs have broken also when the URL contained non-standard stuff.

Of course the problem when people see a URL-shortened link is they don’t know if they can trust it. I have three solutions, and they are all easy to implement on WordPress. [Read more…]

Year of Original Content: Make Money From Copyright Thieves

Ask First Copyright badge - by Lorelle VanFossenI and Jonathan Bailey of Plagiarism Today have long been advocates of copyright protections and education, leading the way with projects such as “Ask First,” the Year of Original Content,”5 Content Theft Myths and Why They Are False,” and “The 6 Steps to Stop Content Theft.”

It seems that the rest of the world is waking up to the fact that stolen content is big business. Within the past two years, there are a variety of services you can use to track where your online content has gone, report and stop it. A new project is underway called the Fair Syndication Consortium that might put a dollar amount on that stolen content, paying you for others abusing your content. [Read more…]

Hitwise Graphs The Oprah Effect On Twitter

We knew it would mean a surge of new visitors and users on Twitter when Oprah joined up. After all, the Oprah effect (originally coined for the power of her book club) is something of a phenomenon in itself, and a few days ago, Twitter got its share. So what’s the verdict? Hitwise knows:

Share of US Internet visits to Twitter increased 24% on Friday, April 17, the day of Oprah’s first Tweet. Comparing visits with the previous Friday, visits were up 43%.

More on Techmeme if you will.

Moleskine Utilizes Facebook For Future City Notebooks

As you might know, I’m a huge fan of Moleskine notebooks. A tipster told me about their Facebook group, and there I found a forum for discussing which cities should be added to the City Notebook line of Moleskines. This is a nice example of putting Facebook to good use, while empowering a brand.

Pitch in on this discussion board.

WordPress MU 2.7.1 Is Finally Out

It has taken its sweet time, but WordPress MU version 2.7.1 finally sees the light of day. WordPress MU is the multi-user version of WordPress, the one that powers Edublogs, WordPress.com, and other hosted blog solutions that looks like WordPress but offers free hosting. Andrea on WPMU Tutorials’ got a nice overview of the release, and you should of course check out lead developer Donncha O Caoimh’s launch post.

Download WordPress MU 2.7.1 from here.

AQA2U: UK-based mobile microblogging service could make publishers money, but it costs

Yesterday I received a press release about a new service available to UK-based mobile phone users called AQA2U.

Set up by the existing AQA text messaging service, it allows anyone to set up an account and then send SMS alerts to anyone who has decided to follow them.

Though it’s free for a publisher to register, it costs 98p for someone to subscribe (by texting the chosen topic name to 63336) and thereafter it costs 25p each time they receive a text, up to a maximum of £3.50 per month. The publisher can make around 7-9p per subscriber per message. [Read more…]

Yahoo Treats Automattic To The blo.gs Domain

Matt Mullenweg has announced that Automattic will be giving blo.gs, a ping service of yore, a refresh:

Yahoo! is transferring blo.gs to Automattic for safekeeping and further development. I’ve been a long-time fan of the service, and it even inspired the early WordPress feature which reordered your blogroll based on update times.

Classy move on Yahoo’s part, who obviously have no use for it.

Former Gawkers Launch The Awl

The Awl

The AwlChoire Sicha and Alex Balk, two former Gawker editors, have decided to venture out on their own. The Awl is their creation, a not so pretty blog at the moment. The welcome post is nothing to get excited about, but the about page tells the story a bit more thorough:

It was birthed from the following thoughts: What if there were a website that zippily surveyed a wealth of resonant, weird, important, frightening, amusing bits of news and ideas? And what if it weren’t totally clogged with reality show linkbait?

I’m surprised to see that Gawker doesn’t go all snarky and silly on the launch. But then again, how could they, with Sicha and Balk starting off by posting the Gawker Media HQs layout, and then completing with their own?