Movable Type Monday: MT5, Resetting Passwords, and Asset Gallery

Happy Monday, folks! Good news if you’re in Japan: You’ve already got the official release of Movable Type 5. The rest of us have to wait till December 8. Apparently there was briefly a Release Candidate 3, but it and all the other RCs were pulled when MT5 went gold in Japan. The list of changes in RC3 is short, which bodes well for the final release.

While Japan enjoys MT5, everyone can try Asset Gallery 1.2 from Endevver. Asset Gallery lets you embed slideshows in entries, user profiles, or pages. And it includes lots of options for customizing the look of your slideshows. Better still, Endevver is releasing it as an open source project.

Finally, Dax from GuruLabs posted instructions for resetting MT passwords using SQL. Dax includes instructions for both MySQL and PostgreSQL. If you just need to reset one password, it’s probably easier to do it from the MT admin. But if you needed to update several users at once, this would be much faster.

What have you done with MT lately? Let us know in the comments.

Finally, A Decent FeedBurner iPhone App! (Stat Fever)

I know, there are several other FeedBurner apps out there, such as Ego and FeedCount App. But Stat Fever is not only selling for $1 (instead of $2 like its rivals), but also boasts a nicer user interface (with graphs on the side).

Created by Paranoid Ferret Productions, Stat Fever allows bloggers to see how many readers are subscribed to their RSS feed or email posts (via FeedBurner of course).

With a tap of your finger, you can check out feed stats over the course of a week or a year, as well as see how many feed clicks you received. [Read more…]

The Blurring Line Between Blogs and Forums

What separates a blog and a forum? It’s not as simple of an answer as it was just a few years ago.

Forums have long been making use of RSS feeds and some have even adopted more blog-like layouts. Now many forum applications have begun sending pingbacks and trackbacks to articles linked in posts, an activity that began and, previously was limited to, blogs.

However, blogs have also begun to become more and more forum-like. Though comments have always been a major part of blogging, many are also encouraging original submissions. They are also placing a heavier emphasis on comments and services such as Disqus and Intense Debate provide greater commenter identity and cross-site accounts.

In short, where forums have been pulling from the playbook of blogs in their newest features, blogs have been gradually becoming more community-oriented, turning away from the author-oriented approach they are often associated with.

This has had the effect of blurring the lines between the two and confusing many who are building new sites.

To help make sense of it, I decided to turn to my long-time friend, podcast co-host and all-around community expert Patrick O’Keefe in hopes he could provide some insights into their similarities and differences as well as help sites decide which format is right for them. [Read more…]

UK regional paper publisher to charge for web access

Local news publishers in the UK have had a fairly hard time of it recently, hit by falling readership and reduced advertising revenue, but now one of Britain’s largest regional newspaper publishers is to begin charging users to read full stories on six of its titles’ websites.

Johnston Press will charge £5 (about $8) for three months full access to content on the Worksop Guardian, Ripley & Heanor News, Whitby Gazette, Northumberland Gazette, Carrick Gazette and Southern Reporter.

Readers who don’t wish to subscribe will be given access to excerpts and then encouraged to buy the paper copy to read the full stories. [Read more…]

Tweetie 2.1 iPhone App Adds Retweet, Lists and GeoLocation Features

Screen shot 2009-11-30 at 8.06.44 PM

Screen shot 2009-11-30 at 8.06.44 PMFrankly, I really don’t dig why anyone would actually pay for an iPhone app that can be had for free through another app. Take the case of Tweetie iPhone which has just released its version 2.1 (iTunes Link). While the newest version of this iPhone app is sprinkled with new features such as retweet, list and geolocation, it is still being offered as a paid app. The thing is, there are other Twitter iPhone which won’t cost you a dime to have on your iPhone. Are these features worthy of the price you have to pay to get the app? [Read more…]

Sunday Morning SEO: Increase Your Traffic With a Higher Post Frequency


275499_2460I’ve spent so much time building links to my blog that I forgot how much post frequency can increase search traffic.

Typically, I write 2-3 posts per week on my blog. But in the last four weeks, I’ve had more motivation so I wrote four posts every week. This proved to be a good decision as my traffic from search engines has increased by 20% in the last thirty days. [Read more…]

Google Makes Blogger Smarter (Dictionary Now Included)



The boys and girls at Google have added a built in dictionary feature for Blogger fans using Blogger in Draft (Blogger’s eternal beta).

(Blogger in Draft) We recently added a dictionary with definitions and translations to “Blogger in Draft.” […]

If you’d like to see synonyms for an English word, begin by looking up its definition as above. Then, click a hyperlinked synonym to browse to its definition, and click Insert or Replace to add the currently displayed word to your composition[.] [Read more…]

Will Pay-Per-Tweet Work?, Twitter Japan Ready to Test it


twitter_japanIn terms of getting ahead of the latest gizmos and other electronic devices, I envy our friends living in Japan. But when it comes to getting premium Twitter updates from, say famous celebrities and other personalities, I would rather not be in Japan. I mean if that is the only way I could follow those people, I’d rather follow my friends and their free non-sense tweets on Twitter.

Reports had it that Twitter Japan’s latest move to differentiate it’s service from its global counterpart is a tierred payment model that will charge Japanese Twitter users for viewing tweets from Premium Twitter accounts. How’s that for Twitter being a free online communication tool? [Read more…]

TweetBookz: Would you turn 200 tweets into a book?


tweetbookz-logoI’ve written just over 4,000 tweets since I signed up for Twitter several years ago, but I think I’d be hard-pressed to choose 200 of a high enough quality to turn into a book.

However, new startup TweetBookz has decided there must be enough Twitter fanatics who would like to do just that.

Cofounders Jacob Schwirtz and Asael Kahana said that the service offered a “fun way to look back on your favourite tweets and capture all the emotion of those moments to keep forever.” [Read more…]

Should WordPress Buy (Or Build Something Similar)



One feature that I love about both Blogger and is that I can redirect my default RSS feed over to FeedBurner in order monetize my blog feed.

While this option is available via plugin for fans and baked in for Blogger users (ever since Google purchased FeedBurner), users seem to be left out in the cold (unless you are part of the VIP Hosting club). [Read more…]