Facebook: Blackberry Fans Can Now Chat With iPhone Lovers


RIM has released the latest beta for Blackberry for Facebook which not only sports a cleaner user interface, but also gives fans a feature that iPhone lovers have enjoyed using for many months.

You can now check to see which of your Facebook friends are online and start a Chat conversation from within the Facebook application or within the unified mailbox on your BlackBerry smartphone.

On Facebook for BlackBerry smartphones, as long as your status is set to online, you still receive notifications even if you are not using the Facebook app. (Official Blackberry Blog)

RIM also has included a plethora of updates for the app including the ability to actually view critical information (relationship status, contact info, etc.) as well as a new UI for the Blackberry Facebook wall.

However the addition of Facebook chat will give Blackberry fans yet another reason to stay with RIM instead of defecting towards the iPhone (not to mention an Android device as well).

Unfortunately there doesn’t yet seem to be a way to upload video from the app, although the company may add that feature to the masses in a future update.

Users will need to sign up for the Blackberry Beta Zone in order to test out the latest features upon the Facebook Blackberry app.

Plaxo Goes Back to Its Roots as Address Book


Remember Plaxo, the web’s address book that attempted to become a social network play? The company announced that it is relaunching as an address book.

Yup, Plaxo is returning to its roots as part of its repositioning.

As part of going back to its roots, the company is unveiling its address book-related services including the Plaxo Personal Assistant, a new service that makes automatic updates to its address book so that contacts remain relevant. Users of Plaxo can unify their contacts, eliminate duplicates and synchronize across different platforms and devices.

Looks promising? Well, that was the reason in the first place why Plaxo was born in 2002.

The Plaxo Personal Assistant ensures that a user’s personal address book contains contact information that is always accurate and complete as possible. This can be done as Plaxo compares contact information from public sources and if it thinks that there is something new and more accurate, the Personal Assistant would recommend a change information.

Seems like a pretty neat idea as long as Plaxo stays on the address book game. We don’t know for how long.

Use Buffer to Auto-Schedule Tweets and Receive Tweet Analytics for Your Tweets


What does it take to create influence on Twitter? Giving you a full answer to this question would most likely fill more than a quick post you are here to read for. However one of the things which are a sure key to be more awesome on Twitter is to create great content – consistently. Let me therefore tell you about a new Twitter App called Buffer. It will help you to achieve exactly that in a super simple way.

Buffer in two sentences

What you do with Buffer is you put a few tweets in your Buffer, say in the evening for example. The app then schedules these tweets for you during the day – that’s it. [Read more…]

Twitter: Did You Activate Secure Logging Today?

Taking a cue from Facebook, Twitter has finally rolled out the ability for users to log into their accounts through a public hot spot without fear of it being hijacked by a hacker.

Today, we’re taking an important step to make it easier to manage the security of your Twitter experience – we are adding a user setting that lets you always use HTTPS when accessing Twitter.com. Using HTTPS for your favorite Internet services is particularly important when using them over unsecured WiFi connections. (Official Twitter Blog)

Unless you want to be the latest victim of someone using Firesheep, then it is highly recommended that you switch over to secure logging as soon as possible.

You can activate the security feature by clicking on your username (in the top right hand corner), then selecting “Settings” and then scrolling down to the section that says “HTTPS only.”

Twitter oddly prompts you to re-enter your password to confirm this setting, although once initiated you will be able to simply log into twitter without manually adding HTTPS every time.

Twitter has updated their iOS app for secure logging, although the official Android and Windows Phone 7 apps have apparently not received this feature (so you might want to use a third party app that has until official ones receive an update).

Study Shows: 42% Of Tweets Come From Third Party Twitter Apps

Twitter Client Usage Chart

Twitter Client Usage Chart

Twitter users only send 58% of their overall Tweets using the company’s own proprietary Twitter applications and website according to a recent survey. The study comes just one week after platform chief Ryan Sarver’s said that 90% of all Twitter users are sending Tweets from official Twitter applications.

Sarver’s assertion may in fact be true, as much of Twitter’s activity is performed by a handful of heavy users, meaning 42% of all Tweets could in fact be coming from a much smaller group than the 90% of users who actively use Twitter apps.

Sysomos, the company behind the study found that of the 25 million tweets they sampled since the March 11 Twitter API was released, 42% came from non-official apps.

The company also broke down the percentage of major third-party apps with TweetDeck accounting for 5.5% of all sampled tweets with the following apps accounting for 13.1% of overall tweets: UberSocial, Echfone and UberMedia (the chart below shows use among third party apps, not among all Tweets across the network). [Read more…]

Twitter Attracting Half A Million New Users Daily, Plus Other Fun Facts

Twitter Logo

Twitter LogoSince launching five years ago Twitter has seen mammoth growth and this week they took some time to celebrate their fifth anniversary by announcing that the social media service is now attracting more than 460,000 new users each day.

The world’s first ever Tweet was sent on March 21, 2006 and since then the following growth and milestones have occurred:

  • In just three years, two months and one day someone tweeted the billionth tweet. Today one billion tweets are sent each week.
  • Over the last year 50 million tweets were sent each day. On March 11, 2011, the tally was 177 million.
  • After Michael Jackson died in 2009 users sent 56 tweets per second. New Year’s Day this year saw a new record with 6,939 tweets after midnight in Japan on New Year’s morning there. [Read more…]

Charlie Sheen’s Impact On Social Media: 1 Million Unique Visitors For Internships.com


Charlie Sheen’s line crossing antics have made a massive impact on Social Media. The web’s fascination with Sheen’s turn to Social Media in a bid to validate his fight against “Trolls” (not the kind you’re thinking of) and to rally his fans hasn’t gone unnoticed. Recognizing the potential, Interships.com has tapped in to the Sheen marketing machine while Charlie proclaims he may have on speed — go — his impact only generates one number: 1,000,000.

After amassing more than 1,000,000 Twitter followers in under 24 hours and winning a Guinness World Record along the way, Sheen has taken up every opportunity to tap in to his fan base. Among the many promotions Sheen is doing such as a sold out standup tour armed with nothing more than a torpedo of truth to a live webcast that sets itself apart by intentionally misspelling the word corner, none is paying off more than his hunt for a Social Media Intern.

[Read more…]

Biz Stone Joins Huffington Post, AOL


The Huffington Post Media Group, now part of AOL Inc., announced that Biz Stone, Twitter’s co-founder, is joining the company to serve as Strategic Adviser for Social Impact. Stone will be advising both Huffington Post and AOL on cause-based initiatives and on developing a platform to facilitate people doing service in their communities. He is also expected to rally other companies to invest in and deploy best corporate practices, as well as create and develop a video series spotlighting leading companies and executives at the forefront of philanthropy and corporate responsibility.

Meanwhile, Huffington Post and AOL’s is intensifying its commitment to give back to the community, starting with encouraging its employees to volunteer in their communities, from preparing food for families and individuals in need at the LA Food Bank to dancing with elderly residents of nursing homes in New York City. As for Arianna Huffington (President of Huffington Post) and Tim Armstrong CEO of AOL), the duo is teaching a class at the Urban Academy of Arts and Letters in Brooklyn. They will also donate $50,000 to provide after-school activities for middle-school children in undeserved communities.

Any efforts like this from organizations that are doing well, is a welcome development. Besides, it seems that anywhere we look at now, including recent developments from all over, is a call for all of us to give back.

How Bloggers Can Mine Internal Site Search Data


Internal site search is probably one of the most unloved aspects of any website, most people may swap their default search with Google’s and the only reason they do this is so they can display some AdSense. I have to admit that I was one of the neglecters, with so many other aspects of a site from design, architecture and blog marketing to worry about, it seemed pointless to spend any time on something that already works.

But when you really dive into the data behind your internal site search you can begin to see the potential that is held in this little search box. The obvious reason why people use a site search is, of course to find what they are looking for. In an age where time is precious and everyone wants answer now, if searchers are looking for something on your site, chances are they will use the search function. It doesn’t matter if directly under your search box your full site is categorized and silo’d perfectly, you may think you have the easiest site to navigate in the world but this doesn’t matter to your traffic they will still use the search option, and it all leads back to wanting answers now! Properly categorizing and siloing your site is still a good thing to do but more and more it is beneficial for the search engines more so then website usability. [Read more…]

Facebook, Why Won’t You Delete Marc Zucckerburg And His Redirected Russian Website

Mark Zuckerberg Black and White Photo

Mark Zuckerberg Black and White PhotoFor the last 24 hours I have been receiving numerous emails from an account claiming to be Mark Zuckerburg, the founder of Facebook. While I would love the chance to sit down with the Facebook CEO, there is only one problem, the account is registered to Marc Zucckerburg (notice the spelling). The account not only features the face of the company’s founder, but claims that he wants to give me a free Apple iPhone, oh happy day!

Realizing immediately that Mark Zuckerberg was spelled incorrectly I reached out to Facebook using their basic spam forms, foolishly thinking they would realize the name and delete the account immediately, then I received a second message and a third via Facebook Messaging from Zucckerburg (all in a 24 hour period) so I decided to click on his “Cause” page included in the email (just for fun since I have a well guarded Macbook Pro) at which point I was immediately taken to (don’t click this link): http://www.facebook.com/pages/Face-Book-Giveaway/172228279494824 and then redirected seconds late to (again don’t click this link): http://prizebook.w2c.ru/facebook/award/index.php (notice its, a scam site that asks me to sign up and pay for various programs to receive my “free prize.”

After 24 hours the account remained in place so I then decided to abuse the Facebook system and click on “Report” followed by “Credible Threat Of Violence” and again on “Report” and “Sexually Explicit” I know those are not the proper uses of the system, but Facebook was ignoring an obvious bit of spam that I had already reported through proper channels. [Read more…]