Zynga Hopes For Another Win With “Scramble With Friends”

Scramble With Friends

Scramble With FriendsZynga on Thursday announced the release of their newest game in the “With Friends” category, Scramble With Friends.

The announcement comes just one day after the company released Hidden Chronicles and marks the company’s determination to hit 2012 running after December met their IPO with skepticism and with shares in the company currently hovering around the $9 mark.

Zynga added to their “With Friends” category last year when they released “Hanging With Friends” a hangman type game that combines social gaming with friends.

Scramble isn’t actually a new offering for Zynga, they released a Facebook Scramble game as one of their earliest titles, it was eventually downloaded by 2.5 million Facebook users. However the new offering brings the game to the masses. As the name suggests users must find words from a Scrambled group of letters, the higher the word count the higher the score. [Read more…]

MyPermissions Shows Which Developers Have Access To Social Profiles, Offers Management

MyPermissions App

These days it’s easy to give dozens, even hundreds of developers access to your social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc…). Those developers typically use that data to post information with your permission, pull your feeds for use on other accounts and for various other reasons.

While most developer uses won’t hurt your social media standing it’s still a good idea to manage those accounts. For that specific purpose the MyPermissions program was created.

The program was created by Avi Charkham when he became frustrated having to search eight different app pages for his numerous social media accounts.  [Read more…]

Google+ Witnesses Huge Membership Growth, Could Reach 400 Million In 2012

Google Plus Membership Growth

Google Plus Membership Growth

Google+ still has a long way to go before the social network catches up to Facebook but recent numbers have proven once again that decent growth potential is being witnessed by the team at Google.

Experian Hitwise reported on Monday that the social network more than doubled it’s traffic in December. On their Twitter account the Experian team added:

“Google+ total US visits reach more than 49 million in Dec-11, biggest month to date & up 55% compared to Nov-11 ow.ly/i/oT3R.” [Read more…]

IT Infrastructure in the Third World


in india

Photo Source: http://www.sxc.hu/photo/223760

When you think of a third world country, chances are you aren’t thinking of Internet access. You might be surprised to learn that many developing countries are working hard to provide Internet to their populations, often in surprising ways. The majority of these countries, particularly India and African countries, are also receiving a helping hand from the West, with Americans and Canadians helping to develop the technology required to access the Internet, even with a minimal infrastructure.

While only about 20% of people living in third world countries use the Internet (compared to 69% in the Western world), that figure varies greatly depending on the country. For example, India’s population features just 8% Internet users, while China has a whopping 36% of the population online. Brazil is pushing 40%, all according to TheEconomist. [Read more…]

Bull Riding To Stream Live On YouTube In 2012

Bull Riding On YouTube

Bull Riding On YouTubeIt’s probably not the first sport you’d think of when discussing live sporting event streaming on YouTube but it turns out bull riding will be coming to the world’s largest media repository in 2012.

YouTube revealed this week that the Professional Bull Riders(PBR) will be airing their events to more than 100 million worldwide fans and they’ll do it through live streaming on the video network.

Along with streaming of the actual bull rides viewers will also receive original programming, interviews with the riders, highlights from the current and past events and more.

Here’s the list of the first PBR events to be streamed live on YouTube: [Read more…]