Google Docs Now Offering “Offline” Editing

Google Docs Viewer

Google Docs ViewerBig news out of the Google I/O conference on Thursday as the company announced the ability to edit Google Docs offline with the help of Google Drive.

Taking the stage at the conference was Clay Bevor, director of product management for Google Apps who accessed his Google Drive platform and pulled up a Google Doc without the need for WiFi or hardwired connectivity.

According to Google offline editing will be made available for various devices including Windows PCs with the Google Chrome browser and Apple’s line of iOS devices.

The move could be a big boost for travelers who may not have WiFi on select flights and for field users in remote areas who need to update documents but do not necessarily need to share those documents until they have internet connection. [Read more…]

Hosting A Webinar – Equipment You’ll Need


Having top notch equipment can make all the difference in the world when it comes to conducting a successful webinar. Whether it’s the hardware – like your microphone – or software that you’re dealing with, if you always go for the cheapest option, it will show and unfortunately, make your webinar come across as totally unprofessional. Here’s the low-down on some of the basic equipment and software you’ll need to effectively run your web conference. [Read more…]

Facebook Promises Much Faster iOS Speeds, Upgrade Likely For Late Summer

Facebook iOS App

If you access Facebook from an Apple iOS based device you are likely well aware of the horrendous speed at which the app operates. Now following thousands of user complaints the worlds largest social network has promised to speed up the platform.

Several anonymous Facebook engineers came forward on Wednesday to reveal that Facebook is completely overhauling the mobile app to be optimized for speed, noting that the mobile version which earns 2.5 times as much as the web platform will be ready by this summer.

The new platform for iOS based devices is being built using the Objective-C coding language instead of HTML5 for which the current application is built. Essentially the new version will take advantage of the iPhone’s hardware instead of rending most parts of the app as a webpage as it currently does.  [Read more…]

Facebook Pulls “Find Friends Nearby” Program Following Lawsuit Threat

Find Friends Nearby

Find Friends NearbyFacebook on Tuesday morning announced that it has pulled its new “Find Friends Nearby” feature. The company called the release of the option a “test” but its decision to remove the option was clearly a result of lawsuit threats made by the develop of mobile app Friendthem. 

First known as “Friendshake” the “Find Friends Nearby” feature was said to have been created by Facebook engineers during a recent hackathon, however Friendthem CEO Charles Sankowich claims he told Facebook executives about his company’s own friend finding option months ago.   [Read more…]

FriendThem Threatens Facebook With Lawsuit Over “Find Friends Nearby” Feature

FriendThem App

FriendThem AppFriendThem CEO Charles Sankowich is preparing a lawsuit against Facebook after what he claims was the outright theft of his “Find Friends Nearby” feature.

According to the CEO he spoke with senior Facebook executives about his idea in February 2012. The premise is simple, use GPS signals to track friends and potentially make new friends in nearby locations.

After his dinner with Facebook executives Sankowich says one executive said “I really like this idea.”

Now Facebook is claiming that an employee at the company just happened upon the same premise during a Facebook hackathon. According to a Facebook friend the program at the time was called “Friendshake.”

Sankowich tells Mashable:

“They have to know about Friendthem unless they’ve had their heads in the sand. We’re relevant, we’re necessary and we’re fun.”

Friendthem is available for iOS and Android platforms and allows users to choose what information they share such as their name, profile information, hometown and other info. [Read more…] Brings Social Living To Communities [Infographic]


Nextdoor logoIt’s easy to argue that social networks such as Facebook and Twitter have robbed us of “community.” Gone are the days when people sit on their front porch and wave as the neighbors go by. Instead people answer friend requests and talk to people all over the country.

Attempting to fix the issue of “community” is, a newer social network that allows neighbors to learn each others names, share advice such as the names of good babysitters and landscapers and even protect a community by posting about break-ins and other issues of nuisance.

In the infographic shown below and InfographicsLabs take a close look at how social networks and community interact to both alienate and potentially help one another.

Much like Facebook and even Myspace before it the social network allows users to share their lives along with various recommendations. In fact 26% of the overall network is based around “recommendations” that can range from babysitters and plumbers to garage sales and housekeepers. also provides a robust engine for finding events, examining classified and even checking out local crime in your area.

The social good platform currently exists in more than 3,000 neighborhoods throughout 48 states and it continues to grow at a rate of one community per hour. [Read more…]

Twitter Rolling Out Promoted Ads Suit In 50 New Countries

Promoted Tweets

Promoted TweetsTwitter on Thursday announced plans to roll out its suite of advertising products to 50 more countries, a big push to increase revenue outside of the United States.

Twitter’s Promoted Ads suite which includes Promoted Tweets, Promoted Trends and Promoted Accounts will start with Latin America and then carry over to western Europe including Germany and Spain. Twitter currently only offers Promoted ads in the U.S., UK and Japan.

When asked about exact time frames for the platform Twitter CEO Dick Costola revealed:

“There is a ton of demand but we don’t have dates as yet.”

Latin America will roll out “later this year” with Western Europe to follow. [Read more…]

Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against LinkedIn

LinkedIn Sued

LinkedIn SuedSince going public LinkedIn has managed to record record profits, grow quarterly and attract millions of new users. Unfortunately the company has also failed to live up to security measures which has led to a $5 million class action lawsuit.

Last month 6 million user passwords were leaked to a Russian website and the company has been hit with several phishing scams.

The full lawsuit was uploaded to Scribd by the user jeff_roberts881 and was filed by Katie Szpyrka “on behalf of all others similarly situated” against the “LinkedIn Corporation.”

The lawsuit specifically addresses LinkedIn’s inability to protect email addresses, passwords and login credentials. The lawsuit claims that the lack of security is in direction violation of LinkedIn’s own “User Agreement and Privacy Policy.” [Read more…]

Reddit Was Built On Hundreds Of Lies, Says Co-Founder

Reddit Lies

Reddit LiesReddit was founded on a lie, hundreds of lies actually. Reddit Co-founder Steve Huffman was speaking on a video for online educator Udacity when he revealed that he and co-founding partner Alexis Ohanian used fake accounts to populate the site with links users wanted to read.

According to Huffman:

“You would go to Reddit in the early days, the first couple of months and there’d be tons of… fake users.”

By creating fake accounts Huffman and Ohanian not only made their social network look less like a ghost town, they created the “direction” of the high-quality links they wanted to attract.

Huffman does admit that simply creating a few hundred fake accounts is not enough to make a community take off, according to Huffman:

[Read more…]

Facebook Launches “Explore London 2012” Platform Just In Time For Summer Olympics

Explore London 2012

Explore London 2012

Media outlets around the world have taken to Twitter, Facebook and other social networks to promote their coverage and sponsorship of the 2012 London Summer Olympics. Getting in directly on the action is Facebook which has just announced the launch of its “Explore London 2012” hub, a spot where users can find everything London and 2012 Olympics releated.

Unveiled during an event in London the hub took over one year to create. According to Facebook’s Joanna Shields:

“We will follow the athletes’ stories for the next 17 days. It’s that discovery through friends that makes things interesting and makes you want to click on media. We want to bring discovery to the Olympics.”

Facebook users investigating the hub will find information about athletes, teams and even individual sports they can choose to follow. Users can also “like” the two official pages of the games The Olympic Games and London 2012 [Read more…]