Tips for Building High Quality Backlinks

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With the arrival of Google’s search algorithm update known as Penguin, there was a panic among small businesses and bloggers that their SEO work may fail them, sending them plunging down the results page and into online obscurity. The damage to their profits could be tremendous.

Building high quality backlinks  naturally isn’t a secretive process. It’s something anyone can do if you commit to the right strategy and the hard work it requires. Here are a few tips for building high quality backlinks that will last: [Read more…]

Words With Friends Creators Quit Zynga, Give No Explanation

Words With Friends Creators Leave Company

Words With Friends Creators Leave CompanyPaul Bettner and David Bettner, the brothers behind the hugely successful Words With Friends mobile game are quitting their posts at Zynga. The announcement which was made by GamesBeat on Friday provided no details for the reasoning behind the exit.

Debuted in 2010 Word With Friends was picked up by Zynga when it bought social game developer Newtoy. Paul Bettner joined the team as the VP and General Manager of Zynga With Friends which also produced Hanging With Friends and Chess With Friends. 

The Bettner’s are just the newest in a growing list of high-level executives to depart from the company. Also gone are COO John Schappert and Chief Marketing Office Jeff Karp.  [Read more…]

YouTube ‘Appeals’ Allow Users To Fight Copyright Notices

YouTube Copyright Appeals

YouTube Copyright AppealsHave you ever had content removed from YouTube because a content creator claimed you stole their footage, music, etc? In some cases that content was rightfully obtained and now YouTube is giving video uploading members the chance to fight those take down notices with a new appeals process.

The new “Appeal” section allows users to claim they have right to use the data. If a content owner still believes that user is in violation they much file a DMCA takedown notice.

In the past a dispute removed a video and the user was just plain out of luck.

The appeal means the content holder will take the user to “court” and if the uploading party is still found to be in violation of copyright they will receive one “strike” against them. Three strikes and the user is kicked off YouTube permanently.  [Read more…]

Foursquare Teams With Open Table, Launches In-App Reservations For Android, iPhone

Foursquare and Open Table

Foursquare and Open TableLeading location based service provider Foursquare has partnered with dinner reservation provider Open Tablet to bring restaurant table booking directly to the Foursquare platform for mobile devices.

The new feature is available for iPhone and Android users.

While Foursquare started as a simple “check-in” program it quickly began to amass business appeal and eventually partnered with American Express.

Since launching the programs “explore” tab the company has been looking for new ways to add value to the platform.

Using the new system Foursquare users can find restaurants near their location as they always could and now they can check-in to those locations after reading reviews, all without leaving the Foursquare mobile app.  [Read more…]