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Top Blogger Smartphone Apps

Top Blogger Smartphone Apps

Because of the seemingly countless mobile s made for just about anything you can think of, writing blog posts, using social media, and checking website traffic stats for your business outside of desktops and laptops have become possible. Indeed, blogging has now entered the domain of mobile phones.

If you?ve never experienced the freedom of blogging anywhere, then it?s time you do. To get you started, here are the top blogging s that you should get for your smartphone.


Using the WordPress for iOS or Android is as almost good as using WordPress on your computer. It lets you make, edit and format posts; manage your blog?s comments; switch between different blogs; create links; and control image alignment, captions, and location on the post. So if your blog uses WordPress, make sure your smartphone has the WordPress .


There are several pay-per-click advertising programs that use PayPal for pay-outs, so if you have the PayPal on your smartphone, you can collect your ad revenue even when on the go. The works just like the online service: it lets you check your balance, send money and withdraw funds. The also lets you add money by photographing a cheque and receive credit card/debit card payments through your smartphone.

Quicklytics/Google Analytics

With the right , you can keep track of your blog?s traffic even on your smartphone. On Android, you can get the official Google Analytics . If you?re using iOS, use Quicklytics. Both s let you access your Google Analytics account, see real-time statistics about your site visitors, and get the range of reports provided by Google Analytics.


If you?re looking for the ultimate blogging on your iDevice, then get BlogPress. It supports most of the popular blogging platforms like Blogger, WordPress, TypePad, Movable Type, Drupal, Squarespace, LiveJournal, Tumblr, and several others.

But its awesomeness doesn?t end there: BlogPress also links with your Picasa, YouTube and Flickr account. That means if you want to post something from those sites, there?s no need to get its link or code to since the automatically embeds the clip/picture on your post. Mind blowing.


Using social media is a great way to promote your posts and bring in more traffic to your blog. There are many social media aggregators out there, but don?t just get any ?use the best-looking and most convenient one. Flipboard presents your social media in a magazine-like format, but more importantly, it also allows you to connect to a dozen social networks.


It?s the best liveblogging right now. CIL lets you launch and run live events (e.g. a convention or sporting event), publish live commentary and photos, moderate comments, and several other nifty features?for free.


Blogging ideas follow no schedule when it arrives. But when inspiration strikes, you have to make a note of it or lose the idea forever. That?s where Evernote comes in. The lets you save notes, photos, webpages, and voice memos so you won?t ever forget an idea for your blog.

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Instagram isn?t just an excellent photography that lets you edit photos and add filters?it?s also a social network that lets you share your pictures online, making it perfect for blogging.

QuickAdsense/Google AdSense Dashboard

Almost every monetised blog uses Google?s AdSense advertising program. If you are using AdSense on your blog, make sure you have the QuickAdsense on your iDevice or the Google AdSense Dashboard on your Android smartphone. These s allow you to keep track of your AdSense account?s performance metrics and see how much money you?ve earned.


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