Online Backup Solutions for Mac Users


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The benefit to running a Windows machine is the wide array of software developed for these systems. Even going back to Windows 2000/XP there have been developers releasing excellent freeware for anyone in the world. Data backups can be handled manually or through parity of internal drives. OS X users do not always have this same luxury.

But it is important when considering how to backup data from your computer, to think about how you would want access to it. Many users prefer local hard drives either internal in the system, or external through USB/Firewire. I have been using physical drives across multiple Operating Systems and it works great if you have the storage space.
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Writing Copy that Catches your Readers Attention


There are plenty of writers who have been studying for years and love the activity. It is definitely something that promotes a sense of intellectual stimulation and growth. But what about writing great headlines and web articles that grab even more attention?

I want to share a resource part of Depositphotos that will catch bloggers by surprise. If you have been a part of Depositphotos then it is already evident what type of resources they can offer. It is a very powerful eCommerce shop, and I have always enjoyed their useful features. Even just a basic search for writing photos can provide a starting point. You want to add graphics and tidbits into your articles that readers can tie into the content itself.

Web Copy and Graphics

The Depositphotos library of stock photography is enormous and growing every day. There are a lot of freelance photographers who are more than happy to contribute and sell their pieces on the Internet. It provides an exceptional means of quick money, plus they get paid to do what they love most. If you have never seen the photographs in Depositphotos it is definitely worth a peek.

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Some of their categories will be intermixed if you do not specify a type of search. There are both icons, vectors, graphics, and stock photos all mixed into one search engine! It goes without saying that their products catalog is expansive, but just how useful can this be to writers on the web? It depends how many articles you are writing. And how many of these articles will benefit from using a piece of stock photography.

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