8 Ways to Make Your Website Faster

one second delay

Do you know that for every single second delay in your website loading speed your website conversion rate goes down by at least 7%?

Do you also know that 40% of potential visitors to your website will abandon it if it takes more than 3 seconds to load?

These and more insightful data can be found in this Econsultancy study; however, I’m not here to talking about website speed data but to share some practical tips to help you significantly improve your website speed.

In other words, one of the top ways to kill your website is if it is slow.

one second delay

Whether you’re a blogger, a small business or a corporation, a slight delay in how long it takes for your website to load could be costing you a lot in revenue while some little tweaks to make your website faster could double conversions on your website. Here are a few tips for you:

1. Limit the Number of Plugins or Addons that Power Your Website

This is especially important if you’re a WordPress user; it’s impossible to run a website that is powered by WordPress or other major CMS without using a few plugins but the reality is that the number of plugins you use every day grows and ends up slowing down your website.

With an open source platform like WordPress, each plugins are coded by different people and as a result the server configuration required for each plugin to run is different; in other words, when the function a certain plugin provides is requested, it’ll make a request to your server which will eventually influence your website speed.

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The 5 Beer Apps You’ll Need For St. Patrick’s Day


St. Patrick’s Day is here again and with it, the need to go out and get ourselves sloshed on some beer. This time around though, we have our handy smartphone’s to help us with the task at hand. Here are some of the best apps you’ll need for an awesome St. Patrick’s Day:




Free on both iOS and Android, this great beer discovery app helps you find nearby beer favorites while also dishing out expert beer pairing advice.

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How to Handle the 11 Most Common Scenarios in Guest Blogging

If you’ve ever tried guest blogging then you know that it’s not always as easy as some people want you to believe it is.

For instance, there’s an awful lot of articles online talking about the importance of guest blogging and the benefits it can bring, which is all fine.

However, there’s lot less info on how to actually deal with guest blogging on the networking side (how to handle the common scenarios you can encounter when contacting people and sending your articles).

Basically, the idea of guest blogging itself is quite simple. You find a blog, send an article, and get published, but the practice shows that things often get a bit more complicated. Here’s how to deal with this.

Image credit: ScottieT812

The stages of guest blogging

Finding quality and relevant blogs where you can guest post is something you can surely do on your own, so I’m not going to talk about it here. What I am going to focus on is what happens after you decide to target a given blog.

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How to Do a Kickass New Year Blog Review

Caution. This post is kind of long…

The New Year is already here (for a while, actually), so it’s probably a good moment to do a review of some kind and take a look at how well your blog was performing during the last 12 months.

Now, apart from some fairly common things (like taking a look at your traffic stats, for example) there’s also a range of other actions that may not be all that obvious at first, yet they can still provide some great insights into your blog’s current condition.

Image credit: Gravixar

First of all, why do you even need to do some review, instead of just blogging normally?

Well, okay, you’ve got me, I don’t intend to sound like a smartass and tell you that you absolutely have to review everything you do. You don’t. You can continue blogging in 2013 like nothing ever happened and you’ll probably be just about fine.

However, if you do perform a review, you can plan your next actions to capitalize on the strengths of your blog and to fix the weak spots in its armor. In other words, you can make everything more connected to the reality you’re in and the position your blog has in the niche.

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4 Female Blogging Meetups in 2013

Being a woman in the male-dominated business world does have its disadvantages, but a growing movement towards equality in all things is helping ladies in every professional niche to be both better and better-paid at what they do, and one of the fields most notable for this growth is blogging. Women are coming to dominate the blogosphere as visitors realize that they’re unique wit and wisdom offer a fantastic take on nearly any topic, making that sector one of the fastest growing for female entrepreneurs.

Meet women in your niche for the purpose of both friendship and professional development by checking out any of these four female blogging meetups for 2013: [Read more…]

Blogger’s Guide to Creative Commons: In Pictures

Bloggers are inevitably obsessed with the topic of creative commons, and if they aren’t yet, they will be soon. Why? Well, if you have ever seen the cost of subscriptions for stock photo sights, you wouldn’t have to ask that question. They are expensive, often offer nothing special and in general don’t cut it for most casual bloggers that don’t want to spend cash on what is essentially a place for their thoughts.

Using public domain or CC licensed content is the perfect way around that. You can use photos and videos as you like, not worrying about the cost or being sued for copyright. Which is ever bloggers wost nightmare, thanks to the many horror stories we are subjected to on the web. [Read more…]

DirecTV Genie Service: Why I Love DVR’s Again

DirecTV Genie

DirecTV Genie

For many years digital video recorders (DVRs) offered stagnant technology that focused on a singular goal, recording in a fashion similar to traditional VCRs. However, in the last year Dish Network has rolled out its Hopper service and DirecTV has answered with the Genie DVR.

It is that DirecTV Genie service that has excited me once again about using DVR technology. Launched in December 2012 the DirecTV whole-house service offers the flexibility of DVR with the power of new technology.

The new service can serve up to eight televisions in a single home with four TVs recording shows at one time. Customers can sign up for the service with a new DirecTV contract and existing customers can upgrade for $300. DirecTV notes that many smart TVs, including new sets from Samsung come with the software already ready to be used by DirecTV customers.

As a new customers to DirecTV I was able to have the new technology installed with expert satellite installation at no additional cost and given the tech I received that was the cherry on top of the platform.

The Genie DVR comes in the form of the HR34 which features a nicely sized 1TB hard drive that connects to the homes main TV. Other TVs can then receive a C31 Genie Mini Client or customers can connect their RVU-capable Samsung HDTV.  The nicest part about the C31 Genie Mini Client is that it is extremely small compared to the main box, making it the perfect choice for wall mounted and flat panel TVs.

One of the biggest generalized complaints in recently years from customers has been the dated interface found on traditional DVRs, to combat that dated UI DirecTV has added a new interface that includes five easy to browse sections that includes: My DirecTV, Search & Browse, Recordings, Extras and Settings & Help. That’s not to say the “dated” menu is gone, the unit still features a grid guide that can be accessed six channels at a time and a mini guide that can allow for TV browsing while keeping the original program on the TV screen.

My one personal complaint is that a centralized box for recording does mean the possibility of a single point for failed equipment, with that being said, not having to pay for expensive DVRs in each room is a huge plus, especially in a home with 5 television sets.

From expert satellite installation to a ton of new features I couldn’t be any happier with my DirecTV Genie service. Satellite isn’t for everyone but given my choices of expensive cable TV or an easily accessible DVR product from DirecTV I think I made the right choice.



VMWare: Virtualization For An Efficient Systems Infrastructure

VMWare Workstation

VMWare WorkstationWhen it comes to implementing various operating systems in a business environment application management can quickly become a headache. If the company you work for implements VMWare however those applications can be deployed at a faster rate and provide better performance across your company’s infrastructure.

Classes such as VMware VCP-510 exam are growing in popularity because businesses want employees who can fully implement IT infrastructures for more dynamic and flexible datacenters with datacenter virualization that meets enterprise application SLAs and can increase time-to-market for application provisioning and upgrades.

VMWare offers various benefits for the workplace, here are a few of those benefits from the team at VMWare: [Read more…]