Poser 7 Preview Launch Party on Second Life

More and more companies are doing launch parties online, more specifically on Second Life.

e frontier announced a Poser 7 Preview launch party at Second Life, the popular virtual world on Thursday, Dec 14 at 6PM (PST). Second Life’s virtual world was chosen for Poser 7’s Preview event because Second Life had worked with an earlier version of Poser as the basis for the avatars used in the social communities.

Poser is the premiere 3D human figure software used for illustration and animation worldwide. Second Life, with over 1.5 million members, features computer generated stores, islands, mountains and venues where social interactions take place. This first time event will bring together both the Poser and Second Life communities to meet and greet other enthusiasts, and to hear about the new version of Poser 7.

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BlogHerald FeedBurner Feed Now Working

Folks checking new Blog Herald updates only via RSS (and not on the site itself) may be wondering where the heck we’ve been the past few days. It turns out our FeedBurner feed was displaying a “feed content not available” error. In the course of our transferring to our new servers the .htaccess file was reverted to the WordPress default. This made the FeedBurner redirect plugin unable to deliver the RSS feed when FeedBurner tries to get content.

If you’re subscribed using the direct www.blogherald.com/feed URL, though, it’s very likely that you’re not having any problems with reading the Blog Herald feed.

Thanks to Matt for pointing out the problem. I hope nothing else is broken.

Digg’s Kevin Rose could already have been a millionaire by now.

Rumors of a Digg buy-out have been around as early as January when Yahoo allegedly offered $30 million for it which Kevin Rose promptly denied.

Then, just mid-August, another story ran on BusinessWeek about the Valley Boys, again with Kevin Rose on the cover image and a headline that says “How this Kid made $60 million in 18 months“. Of course, that was another hypothetical number drawn from some magic calculator somewhere.
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Are we all betting our blogs on Akismet?


akismet.gifA couple of days ago, popular WordPress anti-spam plug-in Akismet went down due to some DNS issues. During that short period, tons of comment and trackback spam went thru like fireworks in the 4th of July.

Most of us running WordPress practically rely on Akismet to combat spam and according to its overall stats, 93% of all comments are spam (the real figures would be a bit higher than that). Today alone, there are close to 2 million spam being filtered out by Akismet. But what if Akismet fails again and the next time would be more disastrous? Thousands upon thousands of comments to either manually moderate, delete or flag as spam. That task could take hours and maybe even days especially for blog networks with dozens or hundreds of blogs to maintain. [Read more…]

We’ve just moved and blogging again

The server migration has been completed and everything went fine without a hitch. Now, it’s time to blog again.

We have signed-up a new set of writers, contributors and columnists and they should be trickling in and introducing themselves within the day. We will also have Tony as assistant editor to help get things moving a bit faster around here.
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Moving Servers

Part of the internal issues that need immediate attention and planning is moving servers. This is what we’re addressing right now.

In the next 12 to 24 hours, we will be moving the Blog Herald to our own servers. The move should be pretty quick and painless but domain re-propagation may take some time to fully effect.
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Abe Olandres signing in…

Hello everyone! Abe here signing in for the Blog Herald. I will be the new editor here at the Blog Herald. This is a huge challenge for me and filling in the shoes of Matt Craven and original editor/founder of TBH Duncan Riley is no easy task!

This is a bit late and I should have posted earlier and introduced myself to everyone but I have been away this week delivering blogging & podcasting workshops to NGOs and political party members here in Jakarta, Indonesia. This is just a week after my previous workshop in Islamabad, Pakistan. The transition and formal announcement of the sale of the Blog Herald was right in the middle of my travels and spotty hotel internet kept me from getting online as much as I would have wanted.

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A Word From the New Blog Herald Owners

A pleasant day to y’all.

You may be aware that the Blog Herald has recently been sold–and much has been said in the few hours after Matt Craven has made the announcement. Sure enough, the fact that Matt indicated that “the new owners have chosen to remain undisclosed for the time being” has raised a lot of questions.

Well, to clear things up, I would like to introduce the new owners of the Blog Herald–Bloggy Network Ltd., a UK-based company (not to be confused with Bloggy Network, LLC). Today, December 5th, 2006, is the day that we legally become owners of BlogHerald.com, and our contract with Problogging Inc. takes effect.

We will be running the Blog Herald separately from the rest of our network.

We appreciate that, being a very young blog network, we have much to learn, and we understand that running the Blog Herald is by no means a small feat, as many people look up to the Herald as a premier source of news and commentary on the blogging industry. We hope to keep up with the Herald’s tradition of high standards and interactivity, building on the foundations established by Duncan Riley and further refined by Problogging Inc.

What’s in store for the Blog Herald?

We have big dreams and plans for the Blog Herald, which we will be sharing with you in the coming days, weeks and months. Of course, we need your help on this, as we would be going nowhere without the support and feedback from our readers.

In line with this, we have asked the current set of writers to stay with the Herald, to keep with the continuity and high standards of writing. We hope to be able to renew their contracts and bring in more writers this coming January.

Thanks and kudos

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Matt Craven for all his help during our purchase of BlogHerald.com. He has been the consummate professional and gentleman. Matt has generously offered to personally assist while we transfer the site to our servers, and to help manage the site until then. Matt shall likewise stay on board the Blog Herald as a contributor.

Finally, we would also like to thank you, dear readers, for supporting the Herald so far. We hope you bear with us during this transitional period. It might take us a while to learn the ropes, so please feel free to drop us a (life)line at theblogherald [at] gmail.com (temporary, until we transfer the site to our server).

The best computer for blogging: PC or Mac

OK, I’m going to indulge again, because I’m in theory allocating far too much money from the sale of The Blog Herald (which should be settled shortly) to new things than I should be, but given I’m Problogging full time now one important thing I’m going to need is a new computer, because my nearly 4 year old custom built (I built in from scratch) AMD XP1800 box with 512mb of ram, two hard drives (20gb and 80gb), 7 year old box, keyboard and mouse (all from my computer before) my second hand 17 inch CRT monitor (bought it at auction) are getting worn and I’m sick of waiting 3-5 minutes for Windows to boot in the morning.

What I’m thinking about: a AMD 64bit 3200 (or do they have faster chips now?) with 2gb ram, 250gb hard drive, 19 inch LCD monitor. But then there’s the Mac, and as much as I’ve always appreciated Mac’s from afar now they are a lot cheaper than they use to be maybe I should switch?

Give me your advice: what new computer should I buy. What do you use for blogging and/ or what would you recommend I use.