Klout Finally Adds Facebook Pages Support

Klout Facebook Page

Klout Facebook Page

Facebook pages are now integrated into Klout scoring. In announcing the new feature Klout feature the company predicts that users with a Klout score between 70-80 has an average of 13,000 users talking about their Facebook page.

By connecting your brand or organization’s Facebook Fan page your Klout conversation increases and hence your score goes up.

The announcement comes just one month after the social media metrics website pushed out a new look and updated Klout scores.

Joe Fernandez, founder and CEO of Klout tellsMashable:

We went from about 100 variables that we were looking at to over 400.Were looking at a bunch of new stuff.

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Facebook Begins Rolling Out Timeline For Mobile Pages

Facebook For Mobile Pages

Facebook TimelineFacebook on Friday started rolling out Timeline pages for the mobile version of Facebook, four months after the company debuted the interface for Facebook.com

The new output was discovered by Inside Facebook but has not rolled out to all users at this time. Typically when Facebook rolls out a new feature it beta tests changes for a small subset of users then pushes the change to all of its 900+ million users over a short time period.

The new design includes the page’s cover photo, added About section information and even new icons for a page’s photos, fan base details, etc.

Mobile users will also notice a larger “Like” button that spans across the width of the screen. Pages with a “message” button however have a smaller like button.

By adding a cover photo and page descriptions to mobile output users are expected to gather a more clear understanding of what a page is about, while the larger Like button Facebook believes will lead to higher engagement rates and ultimately better mobile device revenues.  [Read more…]

Facebook: Convert Your Profile Into A Page




Facebook on Thursday announced their “Profile to Business Page Migration” tool, an option that allows users to turn their personal profiles and business profiles into a Facebook page.

The option will mean businesses can now allow “Likes” for their company’s rather than requiring people to “friend” them, which is considered a much more “intimate” experience by many Facebook users.

According to Facebook:

“Be aware that when you convert your profile to a Page, your profile pictures will be transferred, and all of your friends will be automatically added as people who like your Page. No other content will be carried over to your new Page, so be sure to save any important content before beginning your migration.”

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New Facebook Users Now Receiving Suggestions

Facebook Page Suggestions

Facebook Page SuggestionsIf you sign up for a new Facebook account as of today, you’ll notice a group of pages selected by Facebook, simply click on the “Like” option and your new account will become active with several liked pages.

The page suggestion section is found during the second step of the signup process, right after finding friends, leave me to believe that Facebook is going to be placing more emphasis on their pages option.

This process makes sense given the amount of publicity Facebook pages have been able to garner. Less me forget Betty White hosted SNL thanks to a Facebook page and the “Everybody Draw Mohammad Page” caused controversy around the world. [Read more…]