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New Facebook Users Now Receiving Suggestions

New Facebook Users Now Receiving Suggestions

Facebook Page SuggestionsIf you sign up for a new Facebook account as of today, you’ll notice a group of pages selected by Facebook, simply click on the “Like” option and your new account will become active with several liked pages.

The page suggestion section is found during the second step of the signup process, right after finding friends, leave me to believe that Facebook is going to be placing more emphasis on their pages option.

This process makes sense given the amount of publicity Facebook pages have been able to garner. Less me forget Betty White hosted SNL thanks to a Facebook page and the “Everybody Draw Mohammad Page” caused controversy around the world.

The step is called “Choose your interests” and uses demographic information to show new users pages that people in their area tend to “Like.” Only active pages with regular updates and new fans are added to the suggestions section.

If you’re crying foul, calling it another Twitter ripoff based on Twitter’s “Suggested Users” it should be noted that this new Facebook option is dynamic, so no need to worry about 3 Facebook employees sitting around choosing their own agenda.

Here’s a screenshot from the new program:

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Facebook Suggestions Pages

What do you think about Facebook’s newest attempt to increase their on-site reach. I very rarely even sign up for my friends favorite pages so this one is lost on me, but still a good idea for newbies to the social network. There are still one or two people not on Facebook right?

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