Google+ Adds Support For Mutual Circles Chat

Google Chat with Google Plus Circles

Google Chat with Google Plus CirclesGoogle on Monday rolled out a new feature that allows Google+ members to automatically chat with any Google Circle member who also has them listed in their Circles.

The new feature can be found in the bottom left-hand corner of your Google+ profile and is meant to mimic the Twitter direct message feature which allows Twitter members to send messages to people who are following them.

As Google explains the new product:

Google Chat makes it easy to chat with people you have relationships with. In Google+, you can chat with anyone in your Circles who also has added you to their Circles. And, when you’re not using Google Plus, you’ll still be able to chat with them using Google products including, Gmail, the Google Talk client, iGoogle, Orkut and 3rd party apps. [Read more…]

Chicago’s Rahm Emanuel Becomes First Mayor With Google+ Brand Page

Rahm Emanuel

Rahm EmanuelNewly elected Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel calls himself an “early adopter” of technology and social media and on Thursday he proved that point when he became the first mayor in the country to feature his very own Google+ brand page, an option that Google has just begun to roll out.

Speaking of his new Google+ presence the Chicago mayor said:

“This is an exciting new way for us to continue an open, public dialogue with Chicagoans and the 40 million people using Google+,” and “We will continue to search for new, innovative ways for the public to stay connected and hold government accountable.” [Read more…]

Google+ Adds +1 Sharing For Photos [User Requested Feature]

Google Plus 1 Photo Shares

Google Plus ButtonGoogle+ users who want to share a photo from a friends account no longer need to share an entire Google+ post thanks to a new feature that rolled out on Thursday.

According to Vincent Mo, Google+ Photos engineering lead users can now click on any image found on a Google+ post at which point they are offered the option to share the photo with the +1 button.

The new feature is located right next to the “Tag people” and “Share” options making it simple and effective to use.

Google points out that iPhone app users can already take advantage of the new features while the Android and mobile site versions will be launched in the near future. [Read more…]

Google Reader Rolls Out Google+ Integration

Google Reader with Google Plus

Google Reader with Google Plus

Google on Monday began rolling out a new version of Google Reader which provides a brand-new design with deep Google+ integration.

Taking ques from their recently designed Gmail and Google Calendar makeovers the Google Reader app features a sparse design that highlighted Google+ sharing functionality while still retaining an interface Google Reader fans will find familiar.

The Google +1 button has replaced where the “Like” button use to stand. Google Reader users who are signed in and members of Google+ can also choose which of their Google+ circles to share articles to using Google+ snippets.  [Read more…]

Google+ Announces Real-Time Search, Hashtag Support

Google Plus Search

Google Plus SearchGoogle on Wednesday announced that the Google+ social network wants to be like Twitter, more specifically the company rolled out hashtag support which provides access to Google searches. The company also announced that real-time searches can now be conducted through the Google+ platform.

Vic Gundotra, Google’s SVP of social, explained in a post:

“Now when you search in Google+, you’ll see a message about new posts the instant they’re available,” while adding, “If you click on this message, or select ‘Most recent,’ then relevant posts will start appearing in real-time.”

When hashtags are used they automatically link to search results for the terms which might make “Imhavingareallybaddaytoday” seem irrelevant while popular terms such as #iPHone4S will yield the type of results people want. Thankfully Google is capable of breaking up strings of characters into search terms which means #iPhone4STroubleshooting” displays on search results as “iPhone 4S Troubleshooting” without users having to break up strings into separate words. [Read more…]

Google+ Ditches Private Invite-Only Status, Welcomes Everyone To Platform

Google+ Logo

Google+ LogoFor the last three months users who wanted to test Google+ needed to be invited by a friend or through a special Google invite and now the company has opened their network to eveyone.

Google’s Vic Gundotra writes on the official Google Blog:

“We’re ready to move from field trial to beta, and introduce our 100th feature: open signups.”

The move comes with some nice new features including the ability to add Google+ Hangouts using Android 2.3 devices and higher. Google+ users will also find an updated search feature which provides Google+ and Google search results from around the web. [Read more…]

Chrome Extension Brings Google Translation To Google+ Posts And Comments

Google+ Translate

Google Translate LogoHaving a hard time communicating with your international followers on Google+? Have no fear a new Chrome extension has been released for the social network which provides automatic post and comments translation.

Release on Monday Google Translate for Google+ is capable of translating 50 languages and can easily be installed using standard Google Chrome extension downloading.

According to Google Translate front-end and mobile development lead Josh Estelle:

“We’ve heard from a lot of Google+ users wanting an easier way to understand posts written in other languages. I’m an engineer on Google Translate and thought we could do something about that.” [Read more…]

Google+ Link Sharing Makes Inviting Your Friends Easier [Free Invites Here]

Googe Plus Invites

Googe Plus Invites

Google+ is trying to make it much easier for their 25+ million users to invite their friends over to the social network and to accomplish that goal they have rolled out a new link sharing system.

The new social network update allows users to create a unique link which can be shared with up to 150 friends, as a user clicks on that link and signs up for Google+ they are automatically added to their friends Google+ account, ensuring a quick connection.

Users still have the option to invite friends by email, however the new link could allow users to also invite Twitter and other social network friends over to their Google+ accounts by simply offering a quick cut and paste solution. [Read more…]

Do No Evil: Google+ Shuts Down Top Brand Profiles, Reaps Ridicule from Tech Pundits

Google+ Migration from personal to business account will not be possible

Do no evilIn an upcoming and expected move, some hours ago Google+ proceded to close a majority of business profiles. We discussed the issue business owners face, due to the lack of profiles for businesses on Google+, recently.

One of the things I said was that Google+ would have to take a clear stand and when, also enforce it:

I do hope you will collaborate and when users do report profiles of brands, no matter how big the brand or website and how popular the page, these profiles will subsequently be deactivated until the pages option for businesses is available.

And exactly that has happened: Christian Oestlien, announced that the Google+ team has deactivated multiple business accounts (also those of Mashable, Sesame Street and many more).

But the story took a rather ridiculous twist and SEO Google spammer par excellence, Pete Cashmore, A.K.A. as CEO and Founder of Mashable, quickly changed the Mashable News account to his personal name and also changed the profile picture, the latter similar to the Mashable Twitter account. [Read more…]

Google+ Early Success: Privacy. Around 2/3 of Updates are Private

Google Plus Circles

Google Plus CirclesOne of the much hyped features of Google+ are the privacy settings, which are not new compared to Facebook, but easier to configure and actually use. While it is unlikely that we’ll soon get any insight in the user numbers. The number known so far is that more than 10 million users signed up to the service within its first three weeks. If, we can expect more official numbers it will probably be at Google’s next earnings call.

While it is too early to call Google+ a success, more and more we see very interesting numbers emerge, combined with the fact that the immediate reception and hype around the service did push Google’s stock (GOOG) with 13%.
Hitwise estimated Google+ at around 300,00 daily US based visits after two weeks, comScore said on Wednesday that the site had reached 20 million page views already in only three weeks, Paul Allen estimates there’s 18 million users already and Alexa ranks the G+ subdomain at almost 2% of the entire traffic to Google properties.

In an interview with The Mercury News, Vic Gundotra – Google+ Project Lead, disclosed another interesting statistic: around 2/3 or more of the updates posted to Google+ are ‘Limited’ and shared only with a select number of people. Women are also likely to share more content privately than men and early statistics of a low number of female users (less than 15%) are wrong. [Read more…]